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Hey there! Welcome back for another keto product review! If you’re wondering how things have been going, it’s been pretty so-so. My fitness plan has been mostly on-track, save for a couple of days that just got interrupted because life is like that. I’m going to be halfway done with this particular workout plan this week and I’m spending a lot of time trying to decide what I want to do next. I’ve considered 75 Hard (again, lol) and I’m still a little on the fence about it. If you have suggestions for a good workout plan (that doesn’t involve a lot of HIIT), then please send it my way!

Anyways, today I’m sharing with you a product review for YoFiit, a vegan company that makes keto and non-keto food items. While they’re not a “diet” company, their website is certainly centered around a healthy approach to eating and making sure their customers understand more about the foods they are consuming. They reached out to me in an email and offered to send me some of their product from Amazon, since they believe I share similar values as their company, and I agreed to give it a try. So before we get started, big thanks to Marie from YoFiit for this opportunity.

Let’s get started.

Who is YoFiit?

From their website:

YoFiit is a company that offers much more than keto products. They’re a plant-based nutrition company that is on a mission to better the planet and the diets of their customers, one great product at a time. No looking to capitalize on trendy diet foods, YoFiit is looking to simplify nutrition by being very intentional with a few ingredients that are delicious and nutritious. YoFiit does not use any fillers, gums, sugar alcohols, or added sugars in their keto-friendly bars and granola.

I think it’s also important to note that for this review, I tried their raw bar variety and not their fermented variety (strawberry vanilla/almond chocolate). So there are still flavors I haven’t tried and can’t attest to their deliciousness.

Some new (to me) ingredients: adaptogens

Adaptogens definition from Wikipedia: Adaptogens or adaptogenic substances are used in herbal medicine for the claimed stabilization of physiological processes and promotion of homeostasis.

Something pretty prominent on their keto packaging is that they use Reishi + Cordyceps + Algal Oil (all broadly labeled as adaptogens). I’ll be honest, when I first purchased these, I had no idea what the heck those things were and why the company thought they were important. The company states on their product pages that the Reishi (mushroom) is to “keep you balanced,” the cordyceps is to aid in “immunity,” and the algal oil is for “brain health.” I’ve done a little research on these things so you can see the same information I have access to. Without doing any sort of controlled experiment, there’s no real way to know if the adaptogens in these bars was a significant amount to have actually had an effect, or if the things I was feeling were from a combination of other factors in my life.

Reishi Mushrooms

Most of the content I’ve found online regarding reishi mushrooms has to do with its immunity factors, brain-boosting capabilities, anti-cancer properties, and mood-boosting superpowers. Now, take that how you will, there isn’t a magic pill or food that cures everything; BUT, I think that after reading about these mushrooms, I am interested in testing them specifically to see if they help me with my mood and immunity. I don’t think I experienced any side effects from taking these. If you’re taking medications, you may want to check with your doc before trying out any reishi products.

Source: https://www.webmd.com/vitamins-and-supplements/reishi-mushroom-uses-and-risks#1


Cordyceps, if you don’t already know, are parasitic fungi that grows on the larvae of insects. Gross as that sounds, you’ve probably drank cow’s milk or eaten a few bugs in your chocolate bars in your lifetime… so don’t immediately throw it out. The benefits around cordyceps have to do with athletic performance, anti-aging properties, and treating a variety of ailments. Cordyceps are an ingredient long-used in traditional Chinese medicine, and while their safety hasn’t been specifically tested on humans, their exercise benefits have been scientifically backed. Please check out the source below for more.

Source: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/cordyceps-benefits#:~:text=Cordyceps%20is%20a%20genus%20of,grow%20outside%20the%20host’s%20body.

Algal Oil

Algal oil is derived from certain marine algae and is used as a source for Omega 3 fatty acids. “Algal oil is most commonly used along with another fatty acid to fortify infant formula. It is also used for improving thinking skills in children and older people, lowering cholesterol, improving vision in people with a certain eye condition (retinitis pigmentosa), and many other conditions, but there is no good scientific evidence to support these uses.”  These acids help in brain function and inflammation reduction. You should consult the article below if you are sensitive to aspirin, are managing Diabetes, or have another health condition that may be affected by this supplement.

Source: https://www.webmd.com/vitamins/ai/ingredientmono-1565/algal-oil

Products Reviewed

Initial thoughts: I want to note again that these are raw granola bars. They’re not going to have any sort of toasty flavor. Also, because they are raw, they take more effort to chew that you’d expect. That’s not a bad thing. But it’s important to remember when you get your package and see that the bars are a little smaller than expected that they are in-fact very satisfying to eat. You will not be hungry after eating these and I believe that is the result of a fair amount of plant-based fats and fiber. If you’re wondering if they taste like mushrooms (or just generally weird because of the aforementioned items), they don’t! They taste just as they say they do on the packages.

Choco Vanilla Crunchy Keto Bars

Per serving: 180 Cal, 14g fat, 13g total carbs, 10g fiber, 2g sugar, 6g protein

Ingredients: Pumpkin seeds, organic coconut flakes, chicory root fiber, almonds, cashew, organic coconut, organic cocoa powder, monk fruit juice concentrate, organic vanilla extract, mushroom mix (reishi, cordyceps), sea salt, DHA omega-3 algal oil

Thoughts: My first bite wasn’t as expected and I think it’s because I tried the Ginger Nutmeg flavor first. I didn’t love the first bite of these that I tried, but I decided I needed to give it another chance. After eating a second one without interference from the other flavor, I actually liked these quite a bit! The flavor is pretty simple and they have a surprisingly perfect amount of sweetness thanks to the monk fruit juice concentrate. The more I ate these throughout the week, the more I actually preferred them over my other lower-quality options. This is my favorite flavor and I would buy it again.

Get it here: 12-Pack Crunchy Keto Bars + use code YOFIIT25 for 25% off their Amazon store!

Ginger Nutmeg Crunchy Keto Bars

Per serving: 180 Cal, 14g fat, 13g total carbs, 10g fiber, 2g sugar, 6g protein

Ingredients: Pumpkin seeds, organic coconut flakes, chicory root fibre, almonds, cashew, organic coconut, organic vanilla extract, monk fruit concentrate, ginger, mushroom mix (reishi, cordyceps), nutmeg, sea salt, DHA omega-3 algal oil

Thoughts: While the website claims in several places that the Ginger Nutmeg flavor is the one customers keep asking for, I didn’t think it was my favorite. This may be due to personal preference, but I didn’t like the amount of nutmeg in the bar and I actually wish it had a little bit of cinnamon in it. It’s definitely unlike anything I’ve ever had before, but given the choice between this and something of lower quality, I’d still choose this.

Get it here: 12-Pack Crunchy Keto Bars + use code YOFIIT25 for 25% off their Amazon store!

Website bonus content you should see

YoFiit has an online Community section to their website where you can find their blog and all of their social media: https://yofiit.com/yofiit-community/

I actually couldn’t find much else on or off the company’s website, which either means they’re very new, or they have room to grow.

RKF Product Score

Taste: 7/10

I prefer the choco vanilla bar to the ginger nutmeg bar, but neither was bad. Took off a couple of points because of the sweetness of the latter; I still feel like it needs improvement.

Availability: 6/10

These are available online from their webshop or on Amazon (link below). Definitely could use some improvement here and I think the company could try to get their products in vegan-friendly shops like Thrive Market, Vegan Essentials, or even Netrition.

Necessity: 7/10

You don’t need a snack bar to do keto, but you do need clean sources of fats/proteins/carbs. These bars are squeaky clean. I would usually give these a 5/10 but I’m adding 2 points because I think it’s a great product specifically for those who are doing vegan keto.

Cost: 6/10

Moderately priced without a discount (but there’s a 25% discount for you on this page!) Before using that discount, you’re looking at about $2.50/bar, which is a little higher than the $1/100cal rule I like to use here. Use that discount and you’re looking at $1.87/bar, which is perfect. If the regular price was closer to this amount, I would add more points to this section.

Quality: 10/10

Squeaky clean. Perfect if you’re trying to cut the junk from your diet.

Branding: 6/10

In general, the website is pretty busy. It reads a little more like a blog than a product website and I think the page copy can be pared down into more bite-sized chunks. It doesn’t really match the packaging of the bars that I received, and I can tell there’s quite a bit of variation in style between product lines. I recommend making these things a little more cohesive so the brand is more easily identifiable. I thought the actual quality of the product packaging was great and I had no issues figuring out the macros on each bar.

NEW CATEGORY: Did it knock me out of ketosis? NO

Bottom line: 7/10 Generally Recommend

Ready to try for yourself?

While I highly recommend the choco vanilla flavor, I think the sampler pack is a good idea if you want to get a good taste of both! Get it here: https://amzn.to/3hb4rEB  + use code YOFIIT25 for 25% off their Amazon store!

Here’s another link to their website (USA) if you want to take a look for yourself: https://yofiitusa.com/

I really hope you like these! Ready for another product review, but don’t see it listed on my blog? Drop a comment below and let me know what I should try next! 

Until next time, 

<3 RKF