You can do hard things.

The best way to start something new is to jump right in. At least, that’s the way I’ve tried to operate for the past few years. I feel like a lot of people get too hung up on planning and never see the results of their efforts because they’re too nervous of the potential outcomes.

I get it, the unknown can be scary. But it can also be incredibly exciting and fulfilling. I think we all have good intentions with planning, but we just have to be reminded that, yes, we can do hard things. All it takes is action and commitment.

Why a blog?

For almost two years, I’ve been eating a ketogenic diet and I’ve loved almost every second of it.

Why almost? You’ll have to check out my post on The Hardest Things About Keto for more info.

Anyways, the keto diet has absolutely changed my life for the better, but I never would have known that without jumping right in without looking back.

And the learning experiences, strength, and growth I’ve gained from keto are major motivators to start this next big endeavor, AKA the RKF Blog. I’ve spent the past year and a half helping friends and family learn about Keto via social media, but I’ve gotten to the point that some of the things I have to say would best be kept on a blog (since some topics require a lot of detail).

Something to write home about

The RKF Blog is going to be the place where I post long-form content that’s mostly related to keto/low carb food and health. You may also get a few articles about other things that are important to me, like my family, grad school, and what it’s like to live in Southeast Alabama.

Mostly this part is for my records, so that in a few years I can look back on the progress I’ve made, and maybe be embarrassed at some of my ignorance! It’s good to laugh at our “mistakes” – or rather, learning experiences, as I like to call them. It keeps us humble and can remind us of why we started big projects in the first place.

I’ve tried to keep a couple of diary/journal type blogs before and truthfully, I just couldn’t push myself to maintain them. I think it’s because I didn’t feel like I had a purpose before, but since I have one now, I hope that will be different!

On this blog, I may experiment with the exact days of the week that I post and with how often I post for a little bit, but I promise I will get you guys something new every other day. I highly recommend that you follow me on Facebook and Instagram, too, as I’m very active on social media every day. I’d like to get to know you, so give me a shout-out on one of those sites!

In case you’re wondering, I’m using’s pro business plan with integration from WooCommerce (sales), Cooked (recipe cards), and Printful (print on demand service).

Experienced bloggers, please feel free to chime in on those services and other helpful ones in the comments!

Why do I have merch? Mostly because I’ve always wanted to make shirts for myself (🥰) but also because I wanted to make some other cute keto-related merch that maybe some of you would be interested in, too. Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions for new designs!

Anyways, thanks for giving my blog a look, and I hope you decide to take part in my giveaway that starts today!

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