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If I could start Keto all over again, would I? Yes. Emphatically, yes. However, there are some things I wish I knew before I started that would have helped me to navigate the journey ahead.

You will see your family and friends’ true colors

If you’ve ever dieted before, you may know that some people aren’t so supportive of your every endeavor. Maybe your friend has already tried a low carb diet and hated it because they just didn’t like changing their routine. Or perhaps your sister does a low fat diet and therefore thinks fat is the devil.

Or maybe, Karen from work read a headline from a shifty article on Facebook that says a keto diet will make you have a heart attack in 3 hours.

(Spoiler: Facebook click-bait articles JUST WANT YOUR WEB TRAFFIC, ALWAYS make sure to check source credibility via Facebook’s native information tool)

For the love of everything that is Keto, do not argue with these people. Let them make their (unsolicited) comments, and carry on. A favorite response of mine is,

“Thanks for giving me your opinion when I didn’t ask for it. Would you like my opinion on your diet?”

They usually don’t.

What I’ve realized is that a lot of these reactions from people around you stem from jealousy. Don’t let that hinder your motivation. Keep your head up and don’t listen to the people in your life who are determined to bring you down.

Another secret? Those people will probably come around once they see how happy you are (and especially if you have significant weight loss). As the Keto forums say, sometimes you just need to Keep Calm and Keto On (KCKO for short).

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Your weight loss will surprise you

Did you know that a lot of the initial weight you lose from a Keto or low carb diet is because of water loss? This is true for several other diets, too. It’s nothing to be alarmed of. You just need to be certain to hydrate yourself in the first couple of weeks of a diet change.

If this is something you already struggle with, download an app like Carb Manager or Fitbit or your native iOS Health app to help you keep track of your water intake.

It’s also incredibly important to understand electrolyes and why salt will make or break your hydration level. Learn more about that from Diet Doctor.

If you DO decide to invest in some quality electrolytes, I highly recommend Ultima or Key Nutrients. They’re super clean and really help me to stay feeling tip-top. Click the links below for more information from Amazon.

You don’t have to exercise right away

Actually, I encourage you to wait about a month to make any serious changes to your workout routine. I say this for a couple of reasons.

Your body is already dropping water. You should let it find homeostasis (or equilibrium, or some level of normalcy) first. Along with the change in diet and water intake/loss, your body is also adjusting to electrolyte changes in the food you’re eating.

Too many changes results in burnout. I’m sure we’ve all experienced it. I’m guilty, too! Try to just take it easy at first and do some light activity, like taking a walk or cleaning the house or gardening! Those tasks are deceivingly active ones that will help you find a sense of accomplishment when done.

These things can make or break your mental wellness when beginning a Keto diet. Please remember them and take them seriously.

The one piece of advice that will make or break your success

Do. Your. Research.

I can’t stress this enough. I decided to dive right in and start Keto in the middle of the week. Not even the beginning of the day.

I went to work after eating breakfast and having my usual, sweetened coffee, and decided I’d had enough. I downloaded Carb Manager and googled some shopping lists. I started on 4/20/18 at dinner time and I’ve NEVER regretted it.

But…. researching would have helped so much. And a little bit of planning.

I had a whole bag of grapefruits expire and a lot of snacks expire due to my ignorance. I brought what I could to the break room tables (the renowned dumping ground of things people at work don’t want anymore) and wasted some money there.

I also didn’t take electrolytes seriously for a couple of months, and… ouch, man. Just don’t do that. Research them first and have a better time later.

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Anyways, if you’re thinking about going Keto (or low carb), I hope those tips were helpful for you. They surely would have made me better if I knew them from the start.

Have more suggestions for newbies? Add them in the comments below!

<3 RKF