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Hey there, welcome back to my blog for another keto product review! In the new year, I’ve been taking a close look at my nutrition to decide what’s working and what needs to go. The keto diet has gained some popularity lately, which means there are a ton of new products on the market. This is a double-edged sword: while some real winners have emerged from the crowd, there are some shady companies out there who want your money and don’t care about your well-being. This blog is dedicated to sorting through what’s popular online so you can decide if these products are right for you. And if you’re just starting keto, I promise, you don’t need to buy every product out there to feel like you’re eating great.

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One of the most popular “wellness” supplements/meals is the infamous protein shake. Seriously, it’s carved out its spot in every diet-related starter pack in the past couple of decades. As someone who really enjoys cooking and doesn’t enjoy drinking my meals, I’m always skeptical of how they help. Also, I’ve tried some shakes that are hella expensive and just not worth it (here’s an example of one I tried early-on that I wouldn’t pay for now). HLTH Code wanted to send me some of their shake mix to try, so I thought, what a perfect time to try this out! The beginning of the year is a time when a bunch of keto newbies are looking for products to help them start keto. Maybe HLTH Code is the shake to help them do that!

So before I start, I want to thank HLTH Code for sending over these shake mixes for me to try today. And without further adieu, let’s get started!


Check out the About Us section of their website: https://gethlth.com/about-us/

I absolutely love the thoughtfulness that goes into this brand and that its leadership has such great credentials in the field. Dr. Benjamin Bikman is a researcher of  obesity/insulin/ketones and their effect on metabolic function. Also, Dr. Bikman is a professor at BYU’s College of Life Sciences! Check out this link if you want to see his credentials: https://lifesciences.byu.edu/directory/benjamin-bikman

The website doesn’t say much about the rest of the team (would love to hear who else is involved in the creation and marketing and distribution) so I would love to see an update to include that info. Also, social responsibility is a big factor that keeps me coming back to certain brands. If HLTH Code is doing anything in the realm of outreach, I want to know!

How does it work?

Typical protein shakes follow this trend: low calorie, low carb (due to high fiber and/or high sugar alcohols), high protein, low fat. This seems like a decent formula until you realize that…

  • those shakes don’t keep you full because they don’t have any fats in them
  • they’re expensive for the actual nutritional content you’re getting
  • their ingredients are poor quality
  • they don’t mix well
  • you have no idea who is behind the product that you’re putting in your body
  • they’re too sweet or just taste bad

HLTH Code Complete Meal is built different. ? What I love is the huge amount of fat that’s matched with a hearty amount of protein. Each shake has about 400 calories and you only need to add water to them. This is truly a meal replacement shake and I feel totally comfortable recommending it as such.

I thought that the shakes dissolved well when you used a blender bottle and let them sit for a little bit, but if you want a shake now, you’ll probably want to use a nutribullet or frother to assist.

Now, you may not like protein shakes or meal replacement shakes. If you fall into that category (and trust me, I sympathize), these may not be for you. However, I think this would make an excellent ice cream base, mug cake mix, and even a pancake or waffle mix. Protein or meal replacement shake mixes don’t have to only be used for what they’re labeled for. I would recommend ordering some of these because they seem super versatile.

Want to grab some for yourself? Grab a month’s supply here: https://bit.ly/3oCpm70 and if you sign up for the subscription, you get $10 off! 

Other things worth mentioning about HLTH CODE

Something I particularly love is this section of their FAQ:

Question: Can HLTH Code Complete Meal help me lose weight?

Weight loss is rarely easy, involving the right changes in both hormones and caloric balance to signal to the body that it’s time to start burning, not storing, fat. Based on the best available studies on human metabolism, Complete Meal is built to help you lose weight without the need for counting every calorie.

Westman, E.C., et al., Low-carbohydrate nutrition and metabolism. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 2007. 86(2): p. 276-284.

What I love about this answer, and the rest of their website’s tone, is that they’re very honest about the weight loss process. While some companies will swear their products will give you your “dream body” and help you meet all of your goals, HLTH Code doesn’t do that. They explain that weight loss is a complex, hard process that involves many factors. Their product may help you reach your goals without having to count every calorie, which is a bonus that some people might really appreciate. I know I do.

Also notice, they back up their answers in their FAQ with research. As a consumer, you should care that they make evidence-based decisions. Keep your eyes on companies you buy from that promise to help you improve your health. They should be able to tell you why they believe they can help.

TL;DR: They don’t use shady marketing tactics to try and sell their products. They’re 100% real.

Also, here’s a link to a bunch of articles written about HLTH Code’s leadership regarding the science behind their product: https://gethlth.com/tag/science/

And a final personal note, before we wrap this up. I’ve been on keto for almost 3 years now (holy sh*%) and recently put on some of those quarantine lbs. I know I’m not alone. I’m not really stressed about the extra weight, but I’ve been looking for something to help me cut down on my calorie intake (stress eating ?) without having to track a ton of food and spend a bunch of time thinking about cooking. This is a god send for me. I’m actually really excited to start drinking these in lieu of doing my lunch meal prep to help me slowly ease back to my comfortable weight (and fit back into my clothes!). If someone like me, who usually hates meal replacement shakes, can love these, I have a strong feeling that you might, too.


  • Formulated by a researcher well-versed in ketones and their metabolic function
  • GREAT taste
  • Super thick without adding milk, ice, or other add-ins
  • Macro-friendly
  • High amount of calories per serving
  • Low cost per 100 calories
  • Supplements vitamins and minerals
  • Low on sweetness (great as a shake base)
  • Website references REAL DATA in responding to FAQ


  • Meal replacement shakes don’t work for everyone
  • Blender bottle didn’t totally dissolve powder – best served from a mini blender
  • If you like very sweet shakes, you will need to add a sweetener

RKF Product Score

Taste: 9/10
Taste was really great. The vanilla was a teeny bit bland, so I liked using it as a base for other flavors. Didn’t need those additions to be good, though.

Availability: 2/10
Only available in their webshop, which isn’t very accessible to people hoping to shop in-person. Would love to see this distributed through vendors like Amazon, Walmart, Netrition, and GNC.

Necessity: 7/10
Those starting keto would really appreciate the clean ingredients and great macros on this. You don’t need a shake to maintain a keto diet, but they’re good to have on hand for mornings that are low on time, road trips, and even baking.

Cost: 10/10
Frequent readers of my blog know that I prefer the products I buy to sit right around the $1/100 cal range. At its retail price, HLTH code checks that box. If you decide to upgrade to a subscription, you save even more money ($10 off a month’s supply – you spend $3.33 per meal).

Quality: 10/10
Great ingredients.

Branding: 10/10
Website and socials are clean and informative. Item arrived in high-quality packaging and everything was easy to read and understand. Easy to recognize among competitors.

Bottom line: 8/10 

BIG fan, will be purchasing when I run out of these bags again. I highly recommend you grab a month supply (one bag of each flavor) to try for yourself. This is definitely my favorite ketogenic meal replacement shake on the market.

Did it knock me out of ketosis? No

Want to try it for yourself?

Grab a month’s supply here: https://bit.ly/3oCpm70 and if you sign up for the subscription, you get $10 off! They have a 60-day guarantee, also, so your risk here is low. Seriously, I don’t do this often – but I’m telling you right now that this is absolutely worth the money.

Ready for another product review, but don’t see it listed on my blog? Drop a comment below and let me know what I should try next!

Until next time,

<3 RKF