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Basic Bitch Keto (BBK) is an 11 page eBook that’s full of the information that helped me to get started on this major life changing WOE.

AKA my personal arsenal of keto truths.

BBK is full of helpful information presented in a no-bullshit format. I get bored pretty easily when I read academic journals or online blogs or even comment threads. BBK is full of helpful advice that is broken down into bite-size chunks of wisdom for those of us (ahem, millennials) with a short fuse for wordy crap.

Inside BBK:

  • The foundation of all Keto knowledge
  • Becoming a pro at tracking macros and net carbs
  • All about the Keto Flu (is it real or fake?)
  • My favorite external resources
  • Starter shopping list
  • Advice for staying on track
  • BONUS: Sample day of eating

As you can see, there is a wealth of information in this guide. If you’re ready to change your life, give Keto a try. After all, how are you going to know if it works if you haven’t given it a shot?

Are you ready to get started with Keto?

1 review for Basic Bitch Keto eBook

  1. Marie M. (verified owner)

    Your ebook helped me a great deal. I switched to the Keto Lifestyle in January and I have been going strong with the help of your ebook. I especially found the shopping list super helpful. When I experienced Keto Flu I went straight to your ebook for a solution. I just want to say thank you for providing this resource and for also helping me get my macros right. I am still learning every day but when in doubt I reach for my BBK.

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