Happy holidays, RKF Fam! It’s been a LOOOONG time since I’ve been able to post. This past year has been a whirlwind. I’ve started a new job, left my old job, got my real estate license, sold my first house, and graduated with my master’s degree. PHEW.

Real talk, I feel a little guilt for taking such a long break from doing what I love – sharing keto recipes, tips, and tricks with you guys. Now that things have slowed down a little, I can’t wait to share my favorites from this year with you guys in this keto holiday gift guide!

Also included in this guide are some non-keto, but still cool and totally good for you, gifts. If you’re in the market for something for your friends and family that is super yum and still supports a healthy lifestyle, then this is the post for you.


Top 10 Keto Gifts in 2021

1. ChocZero Bundle Packs

choczero keto chocolate and keto syrupTruly, ChocZero is one of the best keto-friendly treat companies I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Their treats are SO tasty, they’re all a great texture, and their team is so sweet and responsive on social media. Their syrups are THICC and their chocolates are excellent for both baking and snacking – whichever your heart desires. My favorite products over the past few months have been their double-dipped almonds, which stay on rotation in my office snack drawer. If you’re unsure what your recipient would like best, I highly recommend picking a multi-pack, like their syrup sets or coconut lover’s bundle.

Get it from ChocZero from ~$3-30 – use code RESTINGKETOFACE for 10% off!

2. Skinny Mixes Holiday Gift Sets

Skinny Mixes are the backbone of keto coffees. There are tons of brands out there (even more now that Skinny Mixes are more popular), but this brand is hands-down the most consistent and delicious of all the ones I’ve tried. YES, that includes Torani. Skinny Mixes are a lovely gift for people who are maintaining a keto diet, but I’m willing to bet your friends and fam who aren’t keto will love these, too. The holiday gift sets usually include something minty and chocolatey, or pumpkin and pecan-flavored. My personal favorite is glazed donut.

You can get these from their website, but tbh I’ll always recommend hunting for these at home stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, or Ross. The hunt is fun and they run about $3-4 per bottle vs. $6 online.

3. Blendtopia Keto Smoothie Kits

blendtopia keto flavors

I want to send a special thanks to Blendtopia for sending over a HUGE box of smoothies for me to try. Though the carbs on these do edge a little high for some peoples’ comfort zones, I think we can all agree that a smoothie is a sweet, refreshing treat that we all crave a little. If you’re gifting something for your distanced keto friends, I highly recommend sending over this sampler box. It includes 12 smoothies at a price point of $7/smoothie. SO good for such an easy kit that you can just throw in a blender with some plant milk or other liquid.

Get it here for $84

4. RxSugar Sweetener Packets

If you’re experimenting with allulose, you know that all brands are not made equal. Allulose is the new kid on the block in the sweetener world, and it’s just a tad less sweet than sugar. RxSugar sent over their syrup and stick packs for me to try this year and the stick packs really resonated with me. I’ve made so much coffee with these! They’re so easy to throw in my purse and have on-hand for travel and trips to sbux. These would make an excellent stocking stuffer or standalone gift.

Get it from RxSugar for $13

5. Zambawango Desserts

If you know me well, you know I love trips to Atlanta so I can go to “Keto Disneyland,” aka Zambawango. This gourmet low carb bakery boasts some incredible desserts, like bread pudding, cheesecakes, bagels, cookie dough, and cinnamon rolls. I actually can’t think of a dessert craving that can’t be cured by something from Zambawango. They use Swerve sweetener in their products, and you can tell that each of their goodies is baked with love. Highly recommend for the holidays, but also as an easy low-carb option for birthdays and mothers/fathers day.

Order online for ~$9-44

6. Atlas Bars Sample Pack

I tried Atlas bars very recently and I love them a lot! They taste like Quest and MCT co Bars had a baby in the best way. They contain 15-16g protein and 3-4 net carbs each, which I feel is a super fair for any keto-er. These are such a good deal that I would recommend grabbing one for you and one for a friend. A wonderful stocking stuffer or standalone gift.

Check out my unboxing review on TikTok

Get the 6-pack sampler for $15

7. Mammoth Creameries Keto Frozen Custard

Mammoth Creameries Keto Review

I reviewed Mammoth Creameries a little while back and their keto frozen custard has been on my mind for a long time, specifically the lemon flavor. If you have been looking for a suuuuuper rich keto gift for your friend with an ice cream obsession, this is the one.  Their shipping packaging is downright impressive and the actual product is worth every penny.

 Get the sampler pack for $56 from Mammoth Creameries and Read my review here!

8. Bare Bones Instant Bone Broth Sticks


Get the variety pack for $25 from Bare Bones

9. Som Sleep Zero Sugar Pack

As someone who dealt with some serious insomnia this year (stress), I have become very acquainted with melatonin and other sleep aids. The thing you should know about sleep aids is that they’re all created differently, and that most of them are not sugar-free. I tried Som Sleep and really loved how gentle it was on my body. I didn’t feel like I was going to crash, but I did feel just heavy enough to fall asleep (and stay asleep). If you have a keto friend who struggles with sleep, this is a very thoughtful gift that they’re sure to appreciate.

Get the 12-pack for $30 from Som

Read my review here!

10. HLTH CODE Keto-Friendly Complete Meal

Look, I totally understand if you think it’s weird to buy someone a meal replacement shake mix. But hear me out.

I started trying HLTH CODE shakes last year and was wildly impressed. Their shakes are some of the most macronutrient dense shakes I’ve tried from any nutrition company. I truly feel like they pack the right ratio of ingredients to fuel your body for a full day of whatever is in store. They keep me full and they make an incredible baking base for brownies, mug cakes, and full cakes. If your friend or family member is big on baking or lifting, or they just don’t have a lot of time to deal with cooking, this is the perfect gift. Grab a bag of each flavor if you love ’em a lot.

Read my review here! and Get it here for $60/bag (15 meals)

Honorable Mentions

Not necessarily keto but great for most keto-ers and certainly impressive for non-keto fam.

1. GORGEOUS charcuterie boards

Charcuterie Board

I tried this board from Amazon last year and WOW I was impressed with the presentation. This bamboo board comes with its own dust bag and a full set of cheese knives and forks. Plus, you won’t have to worry about picking out little bowls to go with the board when you gift it. I love that the pull-out drawers have magnet attachments and I thought it was very easy to clean up. This board is definitely on my gifting list this year.

Get this one from Amazon for $47

2. Double wall glass mugs

Double-wall glass mugs are beautiful and functional. I really like them for super hot drinks like looseleaf tea infusions and super cold drinks like frappucinos. If your giftee really loves a fancy beverage, and you love them enough to keep their hands safe from the inner-mug temps, then double wall mugs are a sweet gift to give.

I purchased mine from TJ Maxx, but you’ll probably want to get these from Amazon since they’re more versatile.

3. Cast iron tea pot

Cast Iron Teapor

Cast iron pots are beautiful and functional. I love the mini ones because they’re perfect for a quick cup of tea and they make a lovely centerpiece for a brunch with friends. You’ll want to keep these on display if you own one. Finally, they’re incredibly easy to rinse, which makes cleanup a breeze.

Get it on Amazon for $30

4. Sweese Salad/Pasta Bowls

I got this set of low-profile bowls from Sweese this year and they’re amazing for almost any dish I can think up. The curved lip on the size holds chili and soups easily but also creates a really pretty landscape for simpler desserts and mains. They seem small but they hold more than you think! You may want to grab some for yourself, too (just so you don’t get jealous of your giftee) 😉

Get them on Amazon for $34

5. Sweese Ramekins

Who doesn’t love a ramekin? Perfect for holding ingredients as you cook, serving as a vessel for mug cakes or souffles, and presenting items on a charcuterie board, ramekins are one of the most versatile items in my kitchen. Grab a durable set for your favorite cook and they’ll thank you for them later.

Get them on Amazon for $15


Wrapping It Up (ha)

Thanks so much for reading up on this year’s gift guide! I hope this was helpful for you. Grabbing any of these (or something else you love) for a keto friend? Let me know in the comments!

Have a happy (carb-free) holiday!