Hey everyone, and welcome back to my blog. This post is a little different than usual, as we’ve put a pause on the keto opinion articles this past week. I want to share something really important with you guys, and that’s a resource guide to black owned keto businesses. This is something I’ve struggled to find online for myself and I figured I probably wasn’t the only one. If you’ve been looking for this guide, I hope this list is helpful to you. I know it is not a comprehensive list, so if you notice someone who is missing, please comment and let me know at the bottom!

Last week, I wrote a letter to those who want to be white allies, and you can find a link to that here if you want to read it. I believe silence is complicity. I want to make it absolutely clear that all lives cannot matter until black lives matter. While you may be scared to speak up and make your stance known, you are not invisible. The people around you notice when you deflect and evade the subject. Black people in your life around you just want to know they matter to you. And if you’re worried what your friends and family will think, when you simply state that black lives matter, don’t you think that’s a problem? This is not a political topic, this is a human topic. Speak up.

And while it’s really important to speak up and show your support, it’s equally important to follow it up with an action so that you’re actually doing something to be the change. That’s why I’ve compiled this list; to help amplify black voices and black keto companies and give you a guide to help support black owned keto businesses.

Black Owned Keto Businesses

Caribeque Seasoning & Rub Company

About Caribeque: Caribeque Seasoning & Rub Co. brings authentic flavors from the Caribbean islands to your next cooking adventure. We are dedicated to bringing you products with the highest quality ingredients that take your food to the next level. Whether you’re in the kitchen or grilling outdoors, you’ll find lots of uses for our seasoning blends. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we love sharing them with you! (Source)

Check out the website for the web shop and ALSO a ton a recipes using their seasonings! There are also physical locations which carry items from this company, so use the Store Finder to see if there’s any near you. I’ve never tried these before, special thanks to Stacy (@ketoincourt) for the reccommendation. Caribeque also has some recipes posted through IGTV that I suggest you check out.



G Hughes Sugar Free


G Hughes has been making BBQ taste good since before I started keto. Their sauces started showing up in our Walmart early 2019 and THANK GOD they picked up traction because they’re seriously my favorite keto BBQ sauce. I highly reccommend you try the Sweet & Spicy one, but tbh they’re all good. I haven’t tried all of the salad dressings just yet, but I have purchased the other dipping sauces/marinades, and they’re all worth it.



Keto Baking Co

About Keto Baking Co: Gra-POW! Cookie Granola was created to combine childhood-favorite cookies and granola cereal, but with ketogenic macros, and a few other twists.
This meant, first of all, swapping out grains of all kinds. The use of any glycemic sweeteners, such as honey, maple syrup, or even coconut sugar, was also out. Instead of these, we took almond meal, erythritol, and debittered stevia extract, and got to work. Perhaps most importantly, these products needed to “wow” even the Standard American Diet consumer, thereby making KETO more accessible to even the most discerning of palates. We’ve done our best!
Gra-POW! is delicious eaten in any way!
Try it like a cereal (with keto-friendly milk), out-of-the-bag, as a topping on your favorite low-carb yogurt or ice cream. Or you can even use it as a recipe starter (grind it up in a food processor to make the base layer/crust of your favorite baked recipe)! (Source)

Keto Baking Co’s Gra-POW is one of the products I have in the queue to review for you guys. At the risk of spoiling the review, I just want to let you know that it’s going to be a GREAT one. All of these flavors are just spot on and their incorporation of sea salt makes my salty lil heart so happy. <3 I’m planning to post this review Wednesday, 6/10 for you guys, so if you’re reading this after that date, please check my product reviews tab for that info.



PJs Keto Treats

About PJs Keto Treats: I’ve been doing keto since June of 2018 with a total loss of 46 lbs. Since then, I’ve taught myself how to make keto as simple and “fun” as possible. I am a huge sweets fan so I knew I had to come up with ways to “have my cake and eat it too”. I started playing around with recipes and hear I am today, serving my low carb cupcake treats with everyone that wants to indulge in a guilt-free dessert! (Source)

These cupcakes and mason jar cakes look SO FREAKING GOOD. There are still only a few keto baking companies that ship prepared keto treats, and I’m always happy to see more. These are so easy to pre-order for birthday and anniversary gifts and the price list I found here was super affordable for baked keto treats. 



Black Keto Girl

About Black Keto Girl: Kendra, owner of Black Keto Girl, LLC has struggled with losing weight and keeping it off for most of her life. After trying every fad diet known to man, some successfully, and others unsuccessfully, She was determined to find something that would combat her fluctuating weight once and for all. Though some diets have proven to help her lose weight, none gave her long-term, incredible results like the ketogenic diet.

For the last eight years, fitness and health have been her passion, and she’s been fortunate enough to create a business that has changed thousands of lives. After losing 120 pounds and keeping it off, she is living proof that following a ketogenic regimen will give you life-changing, mind-blowing results. Now, she wants to help you achieve the same victory!

Black Keto Girl is passionate about living a ketogenic lifestyle and finds inspiration through people like you, who are eager to make changes. With the support, passion, and knowledge provided by Kendra, coupled with your drive, commitment, and willingness to change, success is inevitable. (Source)

Kendra sells quite a few things, including a 3-day keto meal plan, coaching services, and really cute keto merch, to name a few. Be sure to check out her website AND her podcast on Spotify and Apple Music.



Vegan Smart

About Vegan Smart: VeganSmart All-In- One Nutritional Shake is a complete protein blend that contains everything you need in just one serving: 20g Non-GMO plant-based protein, 6g dietary fiber, 22 vitamins & minerals, a whole food complex (fruits and vegetables), omega 3 and prebiotics and digestive enzymes. Everything you need and nothing you don’t. VeganSmart is available in seven delicious flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Wild Berries, Chai, Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Raspberry and Strawberry Shortcake. (Source in footer)

Vegan Smart offers very affordable, low carb protein powders that are sweetened with STEVIA! *heart eyes* It’s not often that I see a protein blend that’s formulated with stevia, so I love to see it. Check out their About Us page for more on the background of the company. They’ve worked to address diet-related illness, eliminate junk food in school systems, and make their products accessible in major grocery stores, not just health food stores. Again, love to see it. I can’t wait to try some of these flavors.



Wrapping it up

I hope this list was a valuable resource to you. Again, if you notice anyone is missing, please let me know! I will update this list as I come across more companies and make more connections through product reviews. Let me know in the comments if you order anything from this list. Thanks for reading!