Easy Keto Protein Burgers That Won’t Fall Apart!By restingketofaceHave you ever cooked burgers and they were just bland and fell apart? Some (non-keto) recipes use ingredients like bread crumbs to hold burgers together - NO THANK YOU. Today I have a burger recipe for you guys that's packed full of flavor and won't fall apart on the grill. I use these as a meal prep recipe and they're super easy to incorporate into a keto diet, even if you're on a budget. I like to serve these with a slice of gouda on top! Check out the recipe below and see my Keto Comfort Foods Meal Prep video for a tutorial. Note: I do not calculate macros for this recipe as they will vary based on the ingredients you purchase. I recommend putting the ingredients into a calculator like Carb Manager and then dividing the recipe by the number of servings you use for the most accurate macros.
This 3 net carb Keto Hot Chocolate is a cozy TREAT!By restingketoface Christmas cocoa is a classic, and you shouldn't have to go without. Here's an EASY low carb/keto recipe to help you through it! You can find everything at Walmart (or your local grocery store).