3 Ingredient Peppermint White Chocolate Spoons | Easy Keto Holiday Gifts!By restingketofaceLooking for a quick and easy keto holiday gift for your friend or family member? Don't worry, because you won't have to settle for some crappy sugar-free stuff from the store. You can whip these up really quickly so they will appreciate a handmade, tasty gift straight from your kitchen. These are so thoughtful and mix great with some keto hot chocolate (though sometimes I just eat them on their own!). Even non-keto people will enjoy these. Great for keto parties, too!
Spicy Keto Mimosas | A Hot Twist On A Brunch ClassicBy restingketofaceIf you've been dreaming of keto mimosas lately, this recipe is for you! A hot take on a brunch classic, these spicy drinks will warm you up from your tongue to your toes. This is best served with a keto waffle platter, crepes, and bacon.
Strawberry Serrano Keto PopsiclesBy restingketofaceSweet n spicy and perfect for summertime! These keto popsicles are unlike any you've had before. They use a few easy ingredients to make one hell of a treat. Top with a little bit of Tajin seasoning and you're good to go!
Easy Keto Protein Burgers That Won’t Fall Apart!By restingketofaceHave you ever cooked burgers and they were just bland and fell apart? Some (non-keto) recipes use ingredients like bread crumbs to hold burgers together - NO THANK YOU. Today I have a burger recipe for you guys that's packed full of flavor and won't fall apart on the grill. I use these as a meal prep recipe and they're super easy to incorporate into a keto diet, even if you're on a budget. I like to serve these with a slice of gouda on top! Check out the recipe below and see my Keto Comfort Foods Meal Prep video for a tutorial. Note: I do not calculate macros for this recipe as they will vary based on the ingredients you purchase. I recommend putting the ingredients into a calculator like Carb Manager and then dividing the recipe by the number of servings you use for the most accurate macros.
This 3 net carb Keto Hot Chocolate is a cozy TREAT!By restingketoface Christmas cocoa is a classic, and you shouldn't have to go without. Here's an EASY low carb/keto recipe to help you through it! You can find everything at Walmart (or your local grocery store).