Hangover Recipes

1 NET CARB Mango Peach MocktailBy restingketofaceHere's a super special recipe with Everly hydration water enhancers! These powders really help me stay hydrated on a keto diet by mixing up the normal boring water routine. I highly recommend checking this one out for a hot summer day or for post-workout! You can add a little vodka to this if you want, but I like it sans alcohol.
Keto “Hangover Helper” PopsiclesBy restingketofaceThe worst part of a hangover is the way you feel, and a keto hangover is a struggle. Make these popsicles now + eat later when you party a little too hard.
Keto Waffle Boards | A keto brunch GAME CHANGER for partiesBy restingketofaceIf you want to impress your friends at lunch (or your sweetie for a memorable KETO brunch in bed) then give this recipe a try! A waffle board is a super sweet breakfast twist on a charcuterie board that'll allow you to pick your topping or try one of everything. You can add or omit any of these ingredients that you'd like; make this thing totally your own! Special thanks to ChocZero for providing delicious sweet treats on this board. Happy brunching!
Comforting Keto Broccoli Cheddar SoupBy restingketofaceHey everyone! Here's a keto version of my favorite broccoli cheddar soup recipe. Traditional broccoli cheddar soup uses a roux, which is basically a butter/flour mixture that helps cheese to suspend in the liquid. We swap that out in this recipe for just a little xantham gum and butter. Read along to find out how to make this deliciousness! See my meal prep video on this page for a tutorial. Note: I do not calculate macros for this recipe as they will vary based on the ingredients you purchase. I recommend putting the ingredients into a calculator like Carb Manager and then dividing the recipe by the number of servings you use for the most accurate macros.
By restingketoface