Cold Recipes

Marshmallow Cheesecake Meringue FluffBy restingketofaceLooking for a fluffy, springy, creamy keto-friendly dessert? Give this marshmallow cheesecake meringue a try! I'm honestly not sure what to call this. It's so many things, all of them great. It pairs well with citrus and berry flavors and it's perfect for keto tarts or low carb parfaits. Hope you give it a try!
Whipped Protein Chocolate PiesBy restingketofaceTake your protein game up a notch with a super decadent whipped chocolate pie! Use this recipe to make one large pie for potlucks or split it into muffin tins to help with portion control. Either way, these are an excellent macro-friendly way to indulge in some chocolate. And yes, they're keto!
Keto Reese’s Dalgona Coffee | Chocolate Peanut Butter Whipped CoffeeBy restingketofaceIf you miss the sweet-n-salty comfort of a Reese's cup on keto, then you've GOT to try this Keto-friendly Reese's Dalgona Coffee! This really helps me bust those cravings (especially during that time of the month) and gives me a little afternoon boost on a hot day. You'll want to drink every last drop. Let me know if you try it in the comments!
Keto “Hangover Helper” PopsiclesBy restingketofaceThe worst part of a hangover is the way you feel, and a keto hangover is a struggle. Make these popsicles now + eat later when you party a little too hard.
Keto Dirty Chai Dalgona CoffeeBy restingketofaceUnless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard of the latest Dalgona Coffee (AKA TikTok whipped coffee) that has taken the internet by storm. Here's a keto take on a spicy dirty chai dalgona coffee that's sure to wake you up + get you going.
2 Ingredient Keto Root Beer FloatBy restingketofaceMissing your favorite root beer float? You can use 2 simple ingredients to make a keto root beer float! Check out this recipe for beginners. It only takes one minute to prepare and it is totally sugar-free!
Keto Chow Low Carb Smoothie BowlBy restingketofaceIf you're on keto and you're craving a super thick, creamy, and satisfying smoothie bowl, try this! Keto Chow shakes are an amazing meal replacement option and we'll use one to help us make our bowl. These are perfect for summer time by the pool or for a filling post-gym meal. This one is higher calorie, higher fat, moderate protein, and low carb, which makes it perfect for a ketogenic lifestyle.
Chia Choczero Macro Balls | Really Delicious Keto Energy BitesBy restingketofaceBefore I started keto, I loved to eat energy bites. If you don't know what I'm talking about, they're these peanut butter/oatmeal/banana balls that I used to make and pack for hiking trips and as a snack between classes. Some people also call these no-bake cookies, or cookie dough bites. They're so good! I've put a keto twist on that recipe to make macro balls using some really delicious ingredients from ChocZero and Crazy Richard's that make these macro balls high in fat, moderate in protein, and low in carbs. I really hope you enjoy them!
Spicy Keto Mimosas | A Hot Twist On A Brunch ClassicBy restingketofaceIf you've been dreaming of keto mimosas lately, this recipe is for you! A hot take on a brunch classic, these spicy drinks will warm you up from your tongue to your toes. This is best served with a keto waffle platter, crepes, and bacon.
Strawberry Serrano Keto PopsiclesBy restingketofaceSweet n spicy and perfect for summertime! These keto popsicles are unlike any you've had before. They use a few easy ingredients to make one hell of a treat. Top with a little bit of Tajin seasoning and you're good to go!
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