3 Net Carb Keto Dirty RiceBy restingketofaceLooking for a low carb version of this cajun favorite? Keto Dirty Rice is one of my favorite comfort foods. Here's how to make it keto-friendly.
Low Carb Stuffed Pepper CasseroleBy restingketofaceStuffed peppers are an old favorite comfort food that I get really specific cravings for. Growing up, I didn't eat these, because I was a little freaked out by rice. I was a picky eater, what can I say? Now that I've grown up (and have grown to LOVE veggies and easy casserole recipes), I find myself craving super easy meals like this more and more. This low carb stuffed pepper recipe makes it really easy to get tender peppers every single time WITHOUT having to boil them beforehand. With the help of a little steam (thanks, cauliflower and other watery veggies) and foil, these turn out perfect every time.