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Keto Waffle Boards | A keto brunch GAME CHANGER for parties

Yields1 ServingPrep Time5 minsCook Time10 minsTotal Time15 mins

If you want to impress your friends at lunch (or your sweetie for a memorable KETO brunch in bed) then give this recipe a try! A waffle board is a super sweet breakfast twist on a charcuterie board that'll allow you to pick your topping or try one of everything. You can add or omit any of these ingredients that you'd like; make this thing totally your own! Special thanks to ChocZero for providing delicious sweet treats on this board. Happy brunching!

 8 Mini waffles
 ½ cup Heavy whipping cream
 12 cups ChocZero White Chocolate Baking Chips
 ½ cup Pecans or walnuts
 2 tbsp Butter
 10 Medium strawberries, sliced
 ChocZero Maple Syrup

Lay out a charcuterie board and a couple of small sauce bowls for your ingredients. You'll want a large size board.


Cook your waffles and slice into quarters. I think the Dash mini waffle maker does the best job with this. I used a mix from Keto & Co for this recipe with some chocolate chips and it was delicious. Place waffle sections in lines on the board.


Slice your strawberries and place them around the board.


Whip your heavy cream and add to a small sauce bowl. Garnish with the top of a strawberry and some berry slices.


Fill a sauce bowl half and half with your nuts and baking chips.


Sprinkle extra nuts and chips around the board. Chop butter into 4 pieces and place on the board.


Drizzle all waffles with ChocZero maple syrup. Serve while hot with extra syrup and your favorite natural peanut butter. Goes great with coffee and keto mimosas!