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Hey everyone, and welcome back for another keto product review! I’ll be honest, I’m a little behind on these reviews lately. Life has thrown us several curve-balls since February began. We accepted our first foster placement (there are children in our house, y’all!) and had to take an emergency week-long trip to Oklahoma during the middle of that crazy snowstorm. Between that, some exciting changes at work (a promotion!), and trying to learn how to sleep with little ones in the house, life has been weird! All of that being said, I’m still staying keto and I’m very thankful to have stuck to this diet plan for almost 3 years now. I have so much more energy this way and I feel good enough to get out and do things with the kids.

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One of the toughest part about life, lately, is figuring out meals. Thankfully, the kids we have aren’t very picky; however, kids don’t naturally eat keto-friendly foods all the time. I used to cook big, keto-friendly dinners and save leftovers for lunch throughout the week. Now, I’m making tomato soup/grilled cheeses for dinner and trying to figure out how I’m going to make quick lunches. Totally a 180. Another obstacle we faced last month was taking care of these kiddos as we both caught colds. I’m so thankful that I had some Power Provisions soups in the cabinet that I needed to try – it was perfect timing, because I certainly didn’t have the time to make food for the kids and soup for myself.

Before I start, I want to extend a big thank you to Power Provisions for sending this stuff over at such a perfect time. Seriously, this has been a lifesaver.

So without further adieu, let’s get into this review.

Who is Power Provisions?

Check out their story here: https://powerprovisions.com/about-power-provisions/

Power Provisions is founded by a woman named Rita who values the benefits of low-carb-high-protein lifestyles and implements this way of eating in her own routine. She wanted to be able to eat delicious, nutritious foods when she was short on time without sacrificing flavor. Power Provisions soups boast hearty portions of bone broth and collagen to support healthy skin, nail, and hair growth, and faster recovery after workouts.

Flavor Comparison

There are currently 4 flavors available: Cheddar Broccoli, Chicken Vegetable, Coconut Milk Thai, and Creamy Tomato Bone Broth. They’re all priced the same at $16.50 for a 6-pack (subscription price) or $66.02 for a 24-pack (subscription price) (as of 3/3/21). All soups contain GREAT ingredients, including cheese, salt, bone broth, milk, MCT Oil, Nutritional Yeast, whey protein concentrate, and fresh veggies.

Some notes about all flavors:

  • They’re VERY thick and they take a long time to fully mix. I tried both methods of heating them in the microwave and pouring in already-boiling water and both times I got the same result: lumpy soup. If you try these, I definitely suggest using an immersion blender or a latte frother to mix them up fully.
  • All bone broth has this weird taste to me… sort of bitter? It’s hard to describe, but salt and heavy cream help it. To each soup, I added about a tablespoon of heavy cream and/or butter and salt. That improved these flavors a lot. I would not say they’re ready-to-go without adding those things in.

Cheddar Broccoli Bone Broth Soup

4g Net Carbs

Flavor profile: I really wanted to like this but I’m just not a fan. Didn’t like the texture and it just didn’t compare to making a fresh broccoli cheddar soup. 

Would I eat it again? NO

Chicken Vegetable Bone Broth Soup

5g Net Carbs

Flavor profile: This was definitely my favorite one out of the box. I thought the addition of cabbage in the soup was a nice touch and I liked the texture it provided. You can eat this with a spoon or sip it. I actually made this on a day where I was late to lunch so I prepared it and drank it on the drive back to work.

Would I eat it again? YES

Coconut Milk Thai Bone Broth Soup

4g Net Carbs

Flavor profile: Something about this flavor didn’t sit right with me. I couldn’t get the bitterness of the bone broth to mellow out. I really want to like this flavor, but it just wasn’t for me. I couldn’t really taste a coconut flavor.

Would I eat it again? NO

Creamy Tomato Bone Broth Soup

3g Net Carbs

Flavor profile: This was the other winner from the box. It took the longest to get this one to mix into the boiling water but MAN was it worth it! Tomatoes are inherently pretty high in carbs, so finding a keto-friendly tomato soup can be tough. I thought Power Provisions nailed this one. I added cream and butter to this as well as some salt and pepper. It tasted perfect with some Sola bread grilled cheese.

Would I eat it again? YES


Where to buy

Power Provisions has soups in a ton of stores. Don’t believe me? Check their store locator page to see some of the big names. Most of them are local to the north, midwest, and western United States. However, they have a few options to help get their products in stores near you. Fingers crossed they get Publix and Walmart on this list so we can find them in little old Troy, Alabama! (wink wink)


  • Formulated by someone who follows a low-carb-high-protein diet
  • Excellent ingredients
  • Incredibly easy to pack and prepare for lunch
  • Finally a low-carb tomato soup!


  • The price point is higher than the “sweet spot” of 100 cal/$1
  • Very hard to mix without the help of an immersion blender
  • Bitter bone broth flavor resulted in a mixed review of flavors
  • You need to add stuff to it still to make it taste best
  • Not available in many stores in my direct area

RKF Product Score

Taste: 5/10
Mixed review on the flavors, see above

Availability: 7/10
There’s a web shop and a ton of stores. Hoping to see Walmart and Publix added so I won’t have to drive an hour or order online to find them.

Necessity: 5/10
These are great to have for days when you’re under the weather or for an easy lunch option. Definitely not a necessity but nice to have.

Cost: 6/10
Not horrible, but could be better. Definitely lower cost than other bone broth options out there.

Quality: 10/10
Great ingredients.

Branding: 7/10
I think some of the shipping materials could use a little TLC and their website copy has some mistakes in it (FAQ, etc). Would love to see multiple angles of the containers on the website.

Bottom line: 6.5/10 

Did it knock me out of ketosis? No

Final thoughts: Some of these are great but I would pass on the others. I think if you find these in stores, you should grab one or two to try. Tread carefully, because if you don’t already love bone broth, you might not be a fan of these. It’s an acquired taste for sure.

Want to try it for yourself?

Check out the Power Provisions webshop here: https://powerprovisions.com/shop/

Ready for another product review, but don’t see it listed on my blog? Drop a comment below and let me know what I should try next!

Until next time,

<3 RKF




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