Hi there, and welcome back for another keto product review! Today I’ll be taking a look at the full product line from Outer Aisle, a grain-free and gluten-free company that’s dedicated to providing the world with sugar-free bread swaps. Their products are made from cauliflower, cheese, eggs, and nutritional yeast, but they’re far superior to your average cauliflower crust. These are absolutely a product that I will continue to shop for after I run out, and I hope you try them so you understand why I feel this way. Keep reading to learn why the company has your back, contributes to a great cause, and their products just make sense to purchase.

Outer Aisle as a company

From the Outer Aisle website

“Outer Aisle was born out of my family’s personal journey to remove sugar and processed carbs from our diet and eat more vegetables. We’re on a mission to make products that are nutritionally dense and delicious and harness the power of plants to feed the world. Let’s go beyond the grain together.

Ditching carbs and eating more vegetables? That’s my MO.

If you have a hard time getting your veggies in, then you’re in luck with these, because each sandwich thin is 1 serving of veggies and each pizza crust is 2 servings of veggies. I personally love veggies, but I could always use an extra serving of them when I don’t feel like preparing a side dish for my meals.

The company does some charity work with the humanitarian organization World Vision, which strives to help families and communities tackle issues poverty and injustice. They also state on their website that they work to put more clean water back into the world than the amount they use for operations.

If you’re reading this right now, and you’re thinking, “good food and a good cause? say less and take me to their shop,” then you can skip to the links at the bottom now. If you need some more info on theirr specific products and some recipe ideas using these products, keep reading.

PlantPower Product description

Here’s what the company offers on their website:

  • Sandwich Thins: Original, Italian, Jalepeno
  • Pizza Crusts: Italian, Jalepeno

Truthfully, when I got these, I did not expect them to be very good. I’ve had many cauliflower crusts, including homemade ones, and they’re all just eh. I think my beef with cauliflower crusts is that they just don’t hold together very well. Except for these. These are something special. That’s what surprised me right out of the gate.

They’re very simple to heat up. I use the stove, oven, and the toaster to prepare the sandwich thins. For making tacos, I heated them on a pan and then let them cool in a metal taco rack so they’d hold their shape a little better. For the pizza crusts, you can check their website for cooking instructions (scroll down to the FAQ and it’s in there). If you followed that link and read what I did, you’ll notice they said they can be cooked on a WIRE RACK. That’s amazing, considering the ingredients in there. Wire rack baking creates super crispy crusts, and it’s my preferred baking method for ALL pizzas.

Let’s have a moment of silence for all other crusts that can’t pull off this magic trick. Ok, moving on.

When I tried my first crust, I was astonished. I never expected cauliflower, eggs, cheese, and nutritional yeast to be so flavorful and complementary to literally everything I’ve put them with. The italian sandwich thins are easily my favorites, working well on everything from burgers to egg sandwiches to avocado “toast.”

These crusts work for a lot of different diet options, which is what makes them a really good choice for those shopping for big families. See below for specs.

Special diet certifications:

  • Paleo
  • Keto
  • Gluten-Free
  • Grain-Free
  • Nut-Free
  • Low Glycemic Impact
  • Soy-Free
  • Low Carb
  • Low Calorie

How to use Outer Aisle PlantPower products

For the sandwich thins, you’ve really got no limits. I probably wouldn’t use these for a PB&J (though I’m not going to dismiss the idea of trying it once), but you can absolutely use them for every other sandwich you can think of. That’s right, if you hate picking up a burger with your hands, you’ll have bunless burgers no more with these in your freezer. I’ve also used the sandwich thins for tacos. They make really great subs for soft tacos with any types of fillings.

The pizza crusts can be used for traditional pizzas, but I’ve also used them for BBQ pork pizza! Check my YouTube video below for the recipe on that. I want to use more of them to make quesadillas, cream cheese roll-ups, and maybe even a chicken pot pie crust! Oh yeah, and something with buffalo chicken dip. Always buffalo chicken dip.

If you check out the Outer Aisle blog, you can also find recipes that utilize these crusts for Shakshuka, nachos, and quiche. I highly recommend giving it a look, because there are some great recipes in there! I can’t wait to try more of their recipes over the next few weeks.

(p.s. I won a $100 gift card for their online store, so you’ll be seeing a lot more of these on my Instagram very soon!) Thanks, Outer Aisle, for running these promotions!

RKF Rating

Taste: 9/10
Overall, these are really good. There’s something about the jalepeno ones that isn’t my favorite, but I think that boils down to personal preference. They definitely need to be paired with the right thing. They’re all very versatile and have great flavor for having such a small ingredient list.

Availability: 7/10
With a quick Google search, I can see that these are available directly from their website, on Amazon, and at Whole Foods. This score could be improved by placements in big-box grocers like Walmart, Target, Kroger, Publix, etc.

Necessity: 7/10
You definitely don’t need these to do keto long-term, but I think it’s wise to have a clean swap on-hand for carby things like buns, tacos, and pizza crusts. If you’re just starting keto, or are still in the beginning stages of it, these are worth picking up and keeping in your freezer just in case.

Cost: 6/10
I have mixed feelings on this. I think the price point is a little above what I’m personally comfortable paying without any special promotions, but it’s not far off from keto bread replacements. I would love to see the sandwich thins under $6/package, which would reduce the cost to $1 or less per piece. The pizza crusts are $6.99/pack of two, which is a little better than another cauliflower alternative at our local grocery store. Based on size, though, I would prefer theese to be closer to the $4.99 price point. This would make these more financially accessible for people in our area. But I do understand that good quality comes at a cost.

Quality: 10/10
Amazing quality here, super high quality ingredients which reflect in their great flavor. Didn’t notice any variation in product.

Branding: 9/10
Easy to recognize, great color scheme/typefaces which remain consistent through website, socials, and packaging. Docked one point because I would love if the packages were resealable so I don’t have to find a freezer bag every time I open a new one.

Bottom line: 8/10 Recommend

How to shop Outer Aisle Gourmet

Get 20% off their web shop with this affiliate link: Outer Aisle Gourmet

Here’s an Amazon affiliate link to their products: Outer Aisle on Amazon

If you want to request products for a local retailer or restaurant, check out this form! This is an especially great opportunity for small-time pizza chains and brunch cafes to get in on the keto pizza business. I have so many ideas for how these can be used. If you own a restaurant and want to bounce around ideas, please reach out to me! I’d love to help you brainstorm.

So… what do you think? Are you ready to get your hands on some of these?? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

<3 RKF