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Hey everyone, and welcome back to my blog for another KETO PRODUCT REVIEW! Today’s pretty special because we’re taking a look at a product line for a pretty new company. Livlo specializes in 3 products right now; 2 of them are granolas and 1 of them is a brownie mix. If you’ve never been on keto before, let me be the first to tell you that granola and cereals are a super sore spot for the keto world, because those things are typically loaded with sugar and starches (AKA everything we’re trying to avoid with keto). Some companies make protein cereals, but those foods are super processed and sometimes contain not-so-great ingredients. Also, they’re damn expensive! A sugary box of cereal that may cost you $2.50 at the store will cost you upwards of $10 on for a sugar-free protein option.

If you watched my Keto Amazon Haul video on YouTube already, you saw that Livlo’s brownies were one of my top picks. If you haven’t watched, oops, belated spoiler alert! The video is in this article, though, so please give it a watch and see what I mean. 🙂 After I posted the video, Livlo reached out to me and offered to send over some Granolo (their version of low-carb granola) for me to try. They said they like to be a little competitive because they know their product is great and wanted to see if I agree with their take on it. So I said, sure! And I’m excited to break down their products for you in this article so you can see what I think. Special thanks to Livlo for the opportunity to review these! I’ll have links to their products for you throughout the article.

Without any further adieu, let’s get started.

Who is Livlo?

From their website:

“We’re Livlo Food Co., a passionate team of snack-loving foodies living and loving the low-carb life.  We are beyond excited to offer the snacks you crave that fit your lifestyle. Granola is just the beginning. We’ve been hard at work on some tasty treats because, well, we have the munchies– and we’re betting you do too.”

This is all good stuff, but if you’ve read my reviews in the past, you already know what I’m going to say here. I have no clue who this company is, or what any of the faces of its founders look like! Ultimately that does nothing to change the product itself (details on that in the next section), but what keeps me coming back (as a customer) is the personal connection I have with supporting a company, especially one who supports charitable organizations. That’s why I really love B Corp brands in particular. B Corp status doesn’t define great vs bad brands, though, as it’s only one certification. If the company adds an About Us or Our Story page to their website, I’d feel a lot better about where my money is going here.

Products Reviewed

Granol0 Keto Granola – Chocolate Hazelnut

Thoughts: This one is less great than the other flavor, but still very, very good. It tastes more like baking cocoa than chocolate powder, which makes total sense. The ingredients are really clean. It’s essentially nuts and seeds, erythritol/monk fruit extract, salt, cocoa, vanilla, and sea salt. I would use this on top of ice cream or yogurt. I didn’t love it as a cereal since the cocoa powder dissolved into the milk and left the nuts and seeds pretty naked.

Granol0 Keto Granola – Cinnamon Almond Pecan

Thoughts: Flavor? Perfect. Ingredients? Amazing. Pretty much same as above, but swap the cocoa for cinnamon, remove hazelnuts, and add more pecans. It’s sweet in a Cinnamon Toast Crunch type of way. Works well for ice cream and yogurt toppings, as a cereal, in a parfait, and even as a pie crust! If you want my recipe for protein pie, let me know in the comments. It’s a super easy, no-bake keto dessert that sets up in no time. Anyways, I absolutely LOVE this flavor and would buy this one again and again. I still wish the price point was a little lower, but as a treat once in a while, I could probably justify $12.97/bag.

Granolo general comments

The ingredients are super clean. Could you make this at home? Absolutely. But it’s much easier to buy in a bag like this. As for the cost, it’s $12.97 for a bag and each bag comes with 9 servings. That puts these at about $1.44/serving, which isn’t bad, but it could be better. I’d love to see the price point closer to $1/serving, or $9/bag.

As for their claim that their granola option is better than The Granola Bakery (in the review video below), I have to agree that the Cinnamon Pecan flavor is better than that one. I think the Chocolate Hazelnut flavor is good, but it just needs something else in it to make it perfect. I’m thinking chunks of dark chocolate or something.

Keto Brownie Mix

Thoughts: If you watched my Amazon Keto Haul video on Youtube, you’ve already seen this part! But in case you haven’t, you should check it out below.

Bonus stuff

Livlo is a very new company. As I write this review, they have 390 Insta followers and 443 Facebook likes. I recommend following them to get reminders if/when their products are on sale and to see the yummy recipes they share using their products.

Unfortunately, that’s all the bonus stuff I can share so far! I’ll be sure to update this post as I discover more about the company, but even in a google search, I struggled to learn anything else. I don’t know much about the founders, who they support, or if they do any charity work. They also haven’t shared their own recipes on their website or any sort of FAQs. They have an email sign up on their website to get updates, so if you want to see changes they make along the way, it might be a good idea to sign up for that.

RKF Product Score

Taste: 9/10
Really, really great taste for all products. The chocolate granola is better suited for those who have cut most sweeteners out of their diets. I guess it could be improved by adding dark chocolate chips, but you really don’t need to add anything to it for it to be great on its own.

Availability: 3/10
You can find these on Amazon only. While that’s convenient for sellers, it’s not very convenient for those who avoid using Amazon as a service. I would love to see these in health nutrition stores and big-box grocers.

Necessity: 5/10
Definitely not a necessity to start keto, but a very nice-to-have option to replace cereal and granola cravings.

Cost: 7/10
Not bad, but could be a little better. About on-par with muesli prices, sans the coconut flakes.

Quality: 10/10
Really great ingredients in all products across the board.

Branding: 6/10
Design and website are amazing and really stand out from competitors in the market. The only item which I noticed needs improvement here is the bag that the granola comes in. The ziplock part didn’t really work well for me, and I can tell it’s a little greasy because the oil from the product stained the bag just a little bit. Not a huge problem and it didn’t affect the product quality per se, but I would recommend packaging these in a bag that zips well. I ended up just folding the top over and using a chip clip. Also pretty sad their website says nothing about their company background 🙁 That’s a big factor in repurchasing for me.

Bottom line: 6.5/10 Sort of recommend

Ready to try for yourself?

Here’s a link to my Amazon shop, where you can find these in the RKF Recommended Items section: www.amazon.com/shop/restingketoface

As a final note, I really, really wanted these to be a 10/10 for y’all, but there’s some foundational branding work that needs to happen for me to be able to say “yes, buy this and only this.” I’m willing to revisit this rating if these things change in the future. 

I really hope you like these if you try them because they’re definitely worth a shot. Ready for another product review, but don’t see it listed on my blog? Drop a comment below and let me know what I should try next!

Until next time,

<3 RKF