What’s up, everyone? Typically, I reserve blog posts for life updates and recipes and product reviews, but I want to give you guys a little bonus this week! I follow a lot of people on social media (and even more lately since I realized I’ve been living in a bubble and decided to expand my horizons to find new favorites) and what I’ve realized is, keto is super easy to do if you live in an apartment or house, but not easy if you live in a dorm or without access to a fridge most of the time. That’s right, college keto-ers, this post is for you.

While I wasn’t following a keto way of eating in my college years, I’ve learned a lot about what foods work well in a dorm and which are just no-gos. Since I’ve started bringing keto-friendly snacks to the workplace, I’ve also learned what things work well in shared spaces. Because, let’s face it: You’re probably not going to have access to an oven in a dorm, and if you use a shared kitchenette, it might be sub-par.

So, let’s talk about cooking appliances that’ll help you stay on keto in college.

Using Kitchen Appliances In A Dorm

When I lived in a dorm, I admittedly spent a lot of time in an apartment. I started dating my (now wife) girlfriend immediately after I arrived as a Freshman. That’s… a story for another day. But the point is, even though I was in an apartment, I knew the rules of what was and was-not allowed in a dorm. I’ve heard all of the stories about secret crock pots and griddles since I was 18 and I’m sure those would be helpful for some. But there are so many new kitchen gadgets that can help you beyond the crockpot and griddle that deserve to be shared. In this article, I’ll give you some links to my favorite dorm-friendly gadgets to help you get more creative with your keto foods in the dorm room.

Electric Kettle

If you want to boil water, I highly recommend this electric kettle:

This is one that I received as a Christmas gift about two years ago, and when I say I use this thing every day, I am not exaggerating. It’s not very noisy and the pot really does light up in that blue color when it’s on. The glass is easy to keep clean, and whenever I was to boil any amount of water that needs to be measured, this is my go-to.

Some things I’d use this kettle for:

  • Boil low-carb noodles (green bean pasta, edamame pasta, etc)
  • Blanch veggies (broccoli)
  • Create a double boiler with hot water and two bowls for fondue chocolate
  • Make a hot cup of tea
  • Sugar free jello!!!!
  • Use with a french press (I like this one) to make coffee that’s cheaper than SBux or a K-Cup

Dash Appliances

The really great think about all appliances from Dash is that they’re fun-size and efficient at what they do. While I only own a mini waffle maker, I’ve seen these other gadgets at work and I can promise you that they get the job done quickly and with little mess. A must-have if you’re keto in college. In fact, all you need to do to clean these is wipe them with a wet paper towel (use soap if it’s gross) before and after use. That’s it! No sink full of dishes here.

Obviously you can make a bomb ass breakfast sandwich with this waffle iron/griddle combo, but I also want you to consider making more savory things too, like zucchini chaffles and low carb cheese crisps. If you want to make some bowl-shaped keto chaffles, try this one out!

This mini pie maker would be excellent to use along with some fathead dough or low carb wraps for things like breakfast quiche, low carb fruit turnovers (use this filling if you’re ok with dirty keto!), and maybe even calzones!

Egg bites are a keto no-brainer. All you’ll need is some eggs (dorm fridge friendly), seasonings (obviously ok in a dorm), and maybe some chopped veggies and cheese (dorm-friendly, be careful with your knife!). These also meal prep well so you can prepare them over the weekend and stash them in your mini-fridge for when you’re short on time.

Ok, last Dash item I swear. I think this rapid egg cooker would be so easy to use! Boiled eggs go great in salads (either homemade or bought from campus), homemade egg salad, and even on their own with a little salt and pepper! This is really delicious (and cheap) way to make sure you’re eating enough protein.

Immersion Blender With Attachments

Not having access to a blender can be frustrating if you enjoy a protein shake on the reg. Keto Chow is my favorite meal replacement shake for keto and it’s definitely best made ahead of time and well-mixed. I highly recommend getting an immersion blender that has attachments because it’s easy to clean (just take the attachment to your nearest sink), small, and incredibly versatile. Here’s a link for a really good one:

Here’s some good stuff you can make in a dorm with the help of one of these bad boys:

  • Homemade whipped cream (for topping coffee, sugar free jello, strawberries, or just eating on its own!)
  • Homemade ranch dressing (who even knows what’s in the ranch at the dining hall???) and other fav blended dressings
  • Protein shakes and milkshakes (just add Rebel Ice Cream and unsweetened almond milk)
  • Homemade fruit spread
  • Fresh guacamole and salsa!

A few final thoughts

While any of these would have worked in my dorm, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to work for yours. I picked these because they have closed heating sources, and generally, you unplug them when you’re done cooking, so you won’t forget to turn them off. Always use your best judgment, and when in doubt, ask your future RA what will work for your living situation. 

I hope these tips were helpful to you! Let me know if you want to see more like this in the future.