Whether you’re just starting keto or you’ve been on it a while, you’re bound to experience cravings on or near your period. A big part of my platform here is helping keto dieters realize that this way of eating is sustainable and affordable, so I want to help you save some money here and share exactly what’s worth the $$$ to satisfy those period cravings. I’ve giving you my top 10 picks for favorite products to combat cravings. You can find most of these on Amazon, so I’ll provide affiliate links to those where I can find them. You can also find other recommended products in my Amazon storefront!

If you’ve got Amazon Prime, it’s not a bad idea to go ahead and sign up for subscribe & save for some of these items. Your future self will thank past-you for thinking ahead. It’s like a present for the future! Combine this with the Honey Extension for Chrome and you can find some really great coupons for all your favorites so you have more fun money for later.

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Ok, enough chat. Let’s get into this list!

For chocolate cravings: ChocZero Milk Chocolate Squares

The most common PMS craving (at least in my book and for those around me) is definitely from chocolate. While I’m not sure if this is because of a biological or hormonal (or maybe emotional) imbalance, I’ll never turn down a piece of chocolate no matter the reason. If you’re on keto, you should make sure the chocolate you pick out is a good one, though! Don’t waste your money on maltitol-sweetened stuff from the store, because those will hurt you more than help you (trust me).

I highly, highly recommend ChocZero Chocolate Squares for your period-induced chocolate cravings. They’re sweetened with only the good stuff and the company really cares about their customers. They have great customer service, too.

And some BIG NEWS: I’m a ChocZero affiliate now! This means that I love & support what they’re doing so much that I work with them to help you find out about their incredible chocolate. You can get 20% off of items from their website with my affiliate code RESTINGKETOFACE at this link. If you’re interested in reading my product review on three of their products before you decide to buy, you can check it out here. I promise I only share the best stuff with you; I genuinely love this chocolate and I hope if you try it, you do, too.

For gummy candy cravings: Smart Sweets

I first tried Smart Sweets because they were one of those companies that I saw all over Instagram. They’re gummy candies made from various forms of fiber, and they’re all very good! My favorites are the peach rings and sweetfish, which are just a play on the popular Swedish Fish candy. There aren’t a ton of keto-friendly gummy candies out there, and there certainly aren’t a lot available that are sweetened with the good stuff. You’ll probably find sugar-free gummy bears at Walmart, but the sweetener on those is probably maltitol and the serving size is probably like 4 pieces. Who on earth is only eating 4 gummies? Not me.

Smart Sweets have a fair amount of fiber in them, so you’ll want to be mindful and balance that out with the rest of the food you’re eating throughout the day. I don’t have a promo code for you guys to use, but you can find my recommended flavors on Amazon at the links below.

Get the Peach Rings on Amazon
Get the Sweetfish on Amazon

For chip cravings: Quest tortilla chips

There are many chip alternatives out there, but hands-down the best option is Quest brand tortilla chips. They make them in a few flavors, but my absolute favorite is the nacho cheese. They’re technically protein chips, which is a positive in my mind, because they can help you make chips & queso & salsa into a sorta nutritious meal! We stan. They’re a little delicate, so be careful with your bag. Usually when I find them in single servings at Walmart, they’re kind of broken, but when I’ve ordered cases from Amazon, they arrived perfectly!

Get the chips on Amazon
AND here’s a really great keto queso recipe

For pastry cravings: Zambawango keto sweets & treats

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I commonly refer to Zambawango as “Keto Disneyland.” (And if you don’t already follow me on IG, what are you doing?!? Go follow me!) Zambawango is a pastry & coffee shop in Sandy Springs, GA, which is just about 15 mins north of Atlanta. We make a special trip up to Zambawango every time we go to a concert in Atlanta, which is usually a few times a year. Given that everything’s closed (re: Coronavirus), we’ve missed our usual trips this summer BUT it’s ok because Zambawango just started using online ordering and shipping their foods around the country!

If you want to place an order, you can go to www.zambawangoshipping.com and see what’s available. People always ask me what my favorites are, since I’ve tried just about everything there (not even a little embarrassed). I LOVE the snickerdoodle cookies and carrot cakes, but their bagels are also very good! I usually buy a Birthday Cake Roll in-store, but I don’t see it online. The Birthday Sprankles cake is probably very similar. I also bought my mom a cheesecake sampler for her birthday and she had only great things to say about it. TBH, you can’t go wrong with anything Zambawango.

Here’s their website again

For cookie cravings: Highkey Snacks Mini Cookies

Ok, hear me out on this one. I buy these not only for their great flavor and super ideal macros; I also love crunchy cookies more than any other type. Cakey, doughy cookies aren’t it for me. I need a little cronch here and there! These totally satisfy that need and they’re a little sweet and a little salty. Bonus: If you’re missing cookie cereals (Cookie Crisp used to bring me life on Saturday mornings) then you can pour a bag of these into a bowl with some unsweetened almond milk for a keto twist on this old favorite.

Get Highkey Mini Cookies on Amazon

For cereal cravings: Seven Sundays Rise & Shine Muesli

Ok, ok, I know it’s not technically cereal, but it’s very similar to a granola-type cereal and it’s good for you! This Rise & Shine Muesli mix is a really great alternative to carb-loaded cereals you’ll find at your local grocer. What I like about eating this, rather than the other “protein cereals” you’ll find all over Instagram, is that this has a better macro ratio so you’ll feel more satisfied from it. I know it’s easy to overeat when we’re dealing with these very specific cravings, so making sure your food’s fat content is a little higher will give your body that “I’m full” signal when you need it most.

Want to see a review of this one before you buy? Yep, I reviewed this too.

Get Seven Sundays Muesli on Amazon

For ice cream cravings: Enlightened, Rebel & Halo Top keto lines

There used to only be a couple of low-ish carb ice cream options out there, and when I started keto, my favorite was the peanut butter fudge one from Enlightened. As times have changed, though, several keto-friendly options have made their way into our grocery stores. The most notable are Enlightened’s keto line, Halo Top’s new keto line, and all of Rebel’s flavors. Each of them is a little different, so you may have to sample a few before you find one that suits you best. Here are my favorites by brand:

Halo Top: White Chocolate Macadamia and Banana Cream Pie are the real winners to me. Don’t waste time with jelly donut, spend your money elsewhere. I don’t have an Amazon link for you, but you can check out their flavors on their website and find them at your local Walmart.

Enlightened Keto: I honestly have not tried all of these so I can’t tell you a clear favorite yet, BUT I will say that I’ve tried the Red Velvet (pretty ok) and the Peanut Butter Fudge (really great) and they’re worth looking into. They have a full listing of their flavors on their website. You can get an 8-pack of the donut flavor from Amazon, but they’re much cheaper in-store. Our Publix carries this keto line from 4.99-5.99 a pint. Bonus points if you find it on a BOGO sale!

Rebel: I have not had a flavor I didn’t like, honestly. These are the most similar to regular ice cream, IMO. Butter Pecan and Strawberry just rock my world, but those have always been my favorites. Here’s a sampler pack from Amazon if you’d like to try them. This one is pricier than their in-store options, so look for one near you if you can find it.

For prailene cravings: Fearless Keto Candied Walnuts

You can make your own candied nuts, but save yourself the frustration and buy these! Fearless Keto Candied Walnuts are made from only the best ingredients and they’re perfect every single time. They have a few flavors, like Classic Vanilla and Banana. While I’ve only tried the Vanilla, I have no doubt the rest are just as good. The bag lasts a while, too. You’d think something this size would be gone in a snap, but they’re filling enough that I don’t get the urge to eat the entire thing at once. The brand owners are also pretty great- Lauren and her mom are super nice (and they’re both worth reading more about since Lauren’s a trained singer and her mom is a keto-friendly nutritionist!). You can find out more about them in my Fearless Keto review.

And finally, here’s a link to these irrestible Vanilla Candied Walnuts on Amazon.

For cracker cravings: Whisps/Natural peanut Butter sandwich cookies

Does anyone remember those bright orange cheese/peanut butter crackers that come in vending machines? I remember eating those on every field trip and in every prepackaged lunch from my elementary school. Sometimes these weird little snacks come back when we’re hormonal as weirdly specific cravings. This one’s more of a DIY snack, and if you try it, let me know in the comments! I learned about this from someone on IG who learned about it from someone else, and so on and so forth. These little “keto hacks” are my absolute fav, because they spread through the #ketocommunity quickly, and suddenly, we’ve all discovered something new and delicious!

You won’t find these in a cook book, because they’re so easy they’re pretty much fool-proof. You’re going to need a bag of cheddar cheese Whisps and a jar of your favorite natural peanut butter (mine is Crazy Richard’s – you can check out my review here to see why I love them so much). All you have to do is spoon a little bit of the peanut butter between two Whisps and enjoy! This is savory and salty and maybe even a little sweet; it’s got all the hallmarks of something delicious.

Get Whisps on Amazon
Get Crazy Richard’s on Amazon

For mug cake cravings: Birch Benders in-a-cup line

Nothing, and I mean nothing is more comforting to me than a mug cake. They’re warm and sweet and when they have frosting, they’re full of ooey-gooey goodness. Birch Benders is pretty well-known for their keto pancake mix, but did you know they’ve also come out with a line of keto-friendly mug cakes? I won’t spill all my thoughts on these yet, because I want to save it for a product review post, but just know that I regard these very highly. You can find them at a lot of places, including Amazon and Walmart. They’re about $2.49 a cup at Walmart and have much more variety there, but if you can’t find them in person, I recommend this 8-pack of pancake in a cup from Amazon. My in-store favorite is hands-down the brownie in a cup.

Get Birch Benders Pancake in a Cup on Amazon

Final thoughts

If you’re strugging with some serious cravings right noe (or you’re preparing for your next PMS-induced snack fest) then I hope this list helps you find what you’re looking for! Have another craving and a favorite treat to satisfy it? Drop a comment below and let me know so I can try it out!

Until next time,

<3 RKF