It’s #ketohappyhour time!

Here’s a low-carb version of our #friendsgiving favorite! Each year, I put together a dangerously delicious sangria using a hodge-podge of juices and liquors – if you enjoy the same kind of drinks, this will help you feel included! Note that this recipe is DRY.

Enjoy this #ketosangria recipe ðŸ¹cheers!

As always, these drinks vary with ingredients (and tastebuds). Some of these have been personal favorites and others have been shared with me. If you think the recipe is too sweet, add a little club soda or some acid to cut the sweetness. If it’s too dry, add a little diet soda or sugar free sweetener. Your drinks are your creation!

All of these drinks clock in between 0-6 net carbs – you can use an app like Carb Manager if you want to test the recipe/portion sizes.

⬇️ Which drink do you want to see next? Comment below!