Hey, everyone! It’s almost Valentine’s Day, which you probably either really love or really hate. No matter your relationship status, I think it’s important to remember that you should celebrate YOURSELF sometimes. This year, light a candle and make yourself a fancy dinner just because. Or, if you want to binge movies with some chocolate, do that! If you plan to chow down on a delicious, fancy-ass meal with your significant other (or your dog), then I hope you have a great time. Regardless of your plans for this holiday, I know that staying on a keto diet can throw a wrench in plans. I’ve been to the fanciest restaurants where I had literally no options on the menu. The solution to that problem? Just a little bit of better planning. 🙂

I’ve put together a list of my favorite keto-friendly items that I have my eyes on for Valentine’s Day 2021. They’re not all chocolate, so if you’re not big on sweets, then don’t worry! And if you stick around to the end, I’ve got a VERY special surprise for you.

Are these things going to be affordable?


The thing that bothers me about people who say keto is “too expensive” is that their priorities are usually all over the place. We’ll pay $25 for movie tickets (not in a panorama, but in the past) and we’ll throw $100 at a pair of shoes, but somehow quality food is too expensive for those people. I don’t get it. Why would you pay $10 for restaurant cheesecake but not $5 for keto chocolate that’ll fit your macros?

Also, special occasions usually warrant fancy meals and wines and candies anyways. So I hope you’ll think about these items in the context of the way Valentine’s day usually is. Rather than spending $150 on something that’ll knock you out of ketosis, why not take that money and stay on track this holiday?

Also, I’ve included a series of discount codes here that will save you a little bit of your hard-earned money. Because you should save where you can. The golden rule.

My Top Picks in 2021

ChocZero Chocolate Hearts and Chocolate Roses

ChocZero HeartChocZero RoseChocZero has really been kicking ass lately with their holiday-themed sweets.

Special note: ChocZero sold out of some items in their product launch! This is amazing for them as a company because it helps them get into retail spaces quicker. However, it also means that there will be a delay on orders placed now, so you won’t receive these by Valentine’s day. However, I still suggest picking one up as a belated surprise for your work bestie!

Discount code: save 10% on ChocZero items with code RESTINGKETOFACE

A Sweet Treat from Zambawango

Zambawango Valentine's Cakes 2021Zambawango, or as I commonly refer to it: “keto disneyland,” is one of my favorite places. Every time we go to Atlanta, we make the short 15-ish min drive up to Sandy Springs to get something sweet from Zambawango. They’re a little bakery that specializes in low carb treats. They use Swerve in their products and they also have some non-keto options for the other people who might come with you! Since my wife doesn’t do keto, she appreciates the variety when we go (though she usually tries a keto treat anyways because they look so good).

I’ve been wanting Zambawango to start shipping products for SO LONG and I was THRILLED when they started doing it in 2020 (re: Coronavirus). This makes it WAY easier for you to get your hands on some professionally-prepared keto treats.

My personal favorites are their cookies and carrot cake. They’ve added a ton of options to the menu recently, though, including several Valentine’s Day themed items. The prices are pretty reasonable considering the great ingredients, quality preparation, and the fact that you’re supporting a small business. Seriously a great find for a special occasion like this. Go check it out!

Zambawango’s shipping site: http://zambawangoshipping.com/

Strawberry Chocolate Keto Bars

Keto BarsYou already know I’m a Keto Bars stan because they have amazing ingredients and they’re just so unlike any other keto product out there. They don’t try to be candy bars. They don’t try to be protein bars. They’re delicious chocolate bars that have yummy add-ins to make them extra special. Just one of these will totally hit the spot, and having a box on your shelf when you need it is the right move.

To keep with the Valentine’s Day theme, I’m recommending the strawberry chocolate flavor (which is also my favorite flavor). Put a box of these in the pantry and cut up a couple for charcuterie with your sweetheart.

(P.S. you might see me on their website somewhere! omg!)

Referral link: http://www.ketobars.com/?aff=600

Some Meat (ahem, Stryve Biltong)

Stryve Biltong ReviewI’ve tried a lot of beef jerky and it usually hurts my teeth and is full of sugar. HOWEVER, Stryve Biltong is much better than jerky. I’ve reviewed Stryve products before and they’re one of my favorite savory snacks. The Spicy Peri Peri is so good and my other favorite is the original flavor. A whole bag only has a couple of carbs and so much protein that it counts as a post-workout meal IMO.

Go ahead and grab a bag for yourself while you’re at it. 

Amazon link: https://amzn.to/3toWS3B (Referral link)


Chocolate Dipped Strawberries (with ChocZero chocolate)

Keto Chocolate Dipped StrawberriesChocolate dipped strawberries are one of those foods that are just synonymous with Valentine’s day. I tried it last year with keto-friendly chocolate and it was seriously the best decision. All you need to do is get some keto-friendly chocolate, get a double-boiler, get some strawberries, and go to work. Bonus points if you put them on some skewers and make a whole bouquet out of it. Save money on an edible arrangement and make your own! And if you’re worried about the presentation, you could also make some delicious fondue with it. 

Discount code: save 10% on ChocZero items with code RESTINGKETOFACE

Sweet Logic Mug Cakes

Sweet Logic Mug CakesI first discovered Sweet Logic cakes after my wife gave me some for Christmas. THESE ARE SO GOOD. Most of them have an optional recipe where you can add egg and butter to the mug to make it better. Do that. Don’t waste your time with those crappy pinterest recipes that never turn out. And the ingredients for those are expensive, so it’s usually even more of a let down. Instead, get one of these, because I promise it’s going to be good every single time.

Amazon link: https://amzn.to/3trt71Y (referral link)


A Damn Drink (with RSVP Skinnies)

RSVP SkinniesThere’s no better way to bond with someone than over a drink (even a mocktail! you don’t need alcohol to enjoy it). I really like using the drink mixers from RSVP skinnies to make mine. Just toss a packet into your favorite seltzer and call it a day. No worrying about shakers, cutting fruits, or hunting down hard-to-find ingredients. You can even put some in your purse for (one day) when you head to the bar. Order a vodka soda and throw one of these in and save your $$$ for some fast food afterward.

These drink mixes make a great gift because they’re super versatile and they’re all delicious, every single one of them.

Amazon link: https://amzn.to/36BxwWj (referral link)

A home-cooked, buttery ribeye in a cast-iron skillet

Sweets are great, but depending on my mood, sometimes I just want something savory. I know I’m not the only one.

We started ordering from Butcher Box last year, and while the meat from that company is wonderful, it’s not the most affordable option. We decided to go out on a limb and order from Wild Fork Foods over the holidays. We wanted to get some super special cuts of meat for our family, including tomahawk steaks, bison ribeyes, alligator filets, and enormous briskets. I have never been so impressed in a company’s prices AND quality AND shipping services. Our shipments arrive within a day of the order fulfillment and the prices are competitive with Walmart (who currently has some of the best prices in town). For the quality of food you get from Wild Fork Foods, you simply cannot look elsewhere. I’m not affiliated with this company. I have not been paid to say any of these things. I genuinely love this company so much.

The shipping is usually in the ballpark of $15ish, but if you decide to order more than once in a year, I recommend going with their unlimited subscription, which will cost $30/year for free shipping for the entire year. I know, a steal. The company is based in Florida, so if you live in the Southeastern United States, I recommend checking out their website to see if you find something for you Valentine’s Day dinner.

I personally recommend their beef cuts; in particular, their ribeyes are super affordable and I can’t wait to reverse sear one in our cast iron pan with butter, rosemary, salt, and pepper. Go check them out. Seriously.

Wild Fork Foods link: https://wildforkfoods.com/


Resting Keto Face Galentine's Giveaway post featuring prizes

To celebrate new followers on TikTok and Instagram AND give something to someone special for Galentine’s Day, I’m running a giveaway on Instagram this weekend! Hurry and enter – giveaway ends on 2/7 at 11:59pm CST.

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In the giveaway are goodies from RSVP Skinnies, Stryve Biltong, Sweet Logic, and Keto Bars. 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! I can’t wait to see who wins!