Does anyone else have trouble keeping a fitness routine through the holidays? Just me? ðŸ‘€

I’m willing to bet it isn’t just me.

There’s just so much going on… thanksgiving, Christmas, my birthday, new years eve, and my wedding anniversary with my wife all happen within a short 2-month span. Between travelling and working, it gets really hard to keep ANY sort of routine.

While it’s easy to feel discouraged when my plans to stay fit fall through (i’m very goal-oriented, ahem, #enneagramtype3), there are a few things I always do to keep myself ready to move around when I do get the time…

Yoga helps, but if you don’t even have time for guided meditation, spending 5 minutes dedicated to stretching before bed and when you wake up will help. Keep your muscles ready for physical activity, just in case.
Don’t get thirsty. Drink your water. If you aren’t hydrated, you don’t need to be working out anyways.
Remember, even if you aren’t lifting weights or running or swimming right now, your body is still amazing and does a ton of great work for you every day. Did you wake up this morning? Did you daydream a little? Did you play with your kids/pets? Those are all things to be thankful for, even if you don’t feel like you exerted a lot of energy.

Your pent-up energy may feel like some extreme potential energy – when I get overwhelmed, all I want to do is burn that energy off. But I have to remind myself of the stuff above so that I have a safe workout whenever I am able to fit it in.

What helps you stay fit throughout the holidays? How do you stay ready?