Good morning, and welcome back to the RKF blog for another keto product review! Today we’ll be taking a look at one of my newest snack obsessions, which are cookie bites and candied walnuts from Fearless Keto. I reached out to their Instagram after stumbling upon their account through some mutual followers. My initial thought was, “holy cow, their branding is so cute! we both love pink, this could be a match made in heaven.” And boy, was I right 🙂 Fearless Keto, a company run by founder Lauren Paley, is a keto company that has all the right factors to absolutely take off in the marketplace. Let’s dive in to this review and you’ll find out why.

Fearless Keto as a company

From the Fearless Keto website

Our mission at Fearless Keto is to empower anybody looking to make a change through guidance, information, and genuine support, the same type of support that I was so lucky to receive when I started this health & wellness journey. 45 pounds ago, I was a different person, not just physically, but also mentally. At this point, I can say that none of that would have happened without the support system around me that encouraged me to just start, to be #fearless.”

Sound familiar? That’s because my journey was almost the same! I gained a lot of weight in college after becoming all too comfortable with the immense unhealthy options on campus and suffering from a lot of stress from being in the spotlight (music major here). The big difference is that I didn’t have quite the same support system. Lauren and her mother Mary (a registered dietician) have done an incredible job at providing not only delicious (and much needed) snacks for the keto community, but they’ve also provided recipes, a blog, and a super helpful Ask Mary section to their website. The latter is a keto consultation sign-up which will help you get REAL advice from someone who’s qualified to give it. Love this.

I didn’t put their whole story here because I really think you should check out their website and read it for yourself. Great stuff. I’m so glad to have met Lauren through Instagram (and TikTok!) and I can’t wait for another collab in the future! (oh, p.s. she’s an incredibly talented singer. Check it out here)

Product description

Here’s what the company offers on their website:

  • Cookie Bites: Maple Butter, Chocolate Chip, Choco Fudge
  • Candied Walnuts: Maple Glaze, Classic Vanilla, Caramel Crunch, Banana
  • Pancake & Muffin Mix: Chocolate, Banana, Vanilla, Maple

I was sent the maple butter cookie bites and the classic vanilla candied walnuts to try. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I immediately broke into these bags, even though I said I would wait…. oops! Sometimes, good secrets are best kept public!

The candied walnuts came right on time, because that morning I messaged my mom and told her that I thought someone should make honey roasted peanuts that are keto. And then these showed up, and I knew my wish had been granted. I seriously ate half the bag in a sitting, that’s how good these are. I also used a lot of them on some Yogurt (Two Good yogurts are my favorites) and I even used some in that Omega Bun Banana Muffin mix that I reviewed a couple weeks ago. Really good in every scenario and I can tell the ingredients are high in quality because they didn’t need anything added to be delicious. Not one bitter walnut in the bag.

The cookie bites were also delicious and unlike anything I’ve ever had before. They were tasty and filling, and they had a lot of uses in my kitchen. I put some on ice cream, on a charcuterie board, in a pumpkin pie protein shake… and if I’m honest, I funneled most of them straight into my mouth. I really liked the flavor of these and I thought the sweetener level was just right. I could definitely tell it was made of almond flour, so if you’re not a fan of desserts with almond floud “sandiness,” these may not be for you. The longer I had these, the more they grew on me. And since they’re so filling, I wasn’t able to eat half the bag in a sitting like I did with the walnuts.

RKF Rating

Taste: 8/10

The walnuts are a 10/10. A 12/10, if I could. The cookie bites are pretty tasty but I think they could benefit from a tiny bit of salt. They’re a little sandy (sort of like an almond flour shortbread) which I think could maybe be improved? If you like soft cookies, you’ll like these. I lean more toward the crunchy side of things.

Availability: 7/10
These are available through their website and on Amazon, so typically I would be giving these a 6/10. But there’s a wholesale form on their site, which means I’m giving a bonus point! If you have a local health food store in town, ask them to order these wholesale!

Necessity: 8/10
I think you need sweets to get through even the slightest cravings, because that will keep you on track. Also, the macros of these are amazing, which further increases this score. They’re so versatile (both products) so there are tons of uses here.

Cost: 8/10
A pretty good price based on local items! Walnuts run us about $8 a bag at Walmart here, so to have a candied option that’s keto friendly is worth a few extra dollars. Also, the cookie bites are super well priced and will last you a little while. I think the 10/10 sweet spot for these would be if the permanent price was at $9/bag.

Quality: 10/10
Simple, whole ingredients, no added sugar or fillers. Incredible. Can’t be improved.

Branding: 10/10
I absolutely love the packaging, colors (hello, have you seen my website?), and messaging across all of these items. The website is very helpful and easy to navigate. All items are cohesive in look and really make their products stand out.

Bottom line: 8.5/10 Recommend

How to shop Fearless Keto

Here’s a link to their shop:

Here’s an Amazon affiliate link to their cookie bites:

Here’s an Amazon affiliate link to their candied walnuts: 

Oh, and they’re running a sale right now where if you purchase cookie bites, you can email your purchase info to the company and get a 2nd bag FREE! At 2/$9.99, that’s a great deal. Highly recommend you take advantage of this.

So… what do you think? Are you ready to get your hands on some of these?? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

<3 RKF