Hey everyone, and welcome back for another keto product review! This one couldn’t come at a better time for me because I’ve really been struggling to get quality sleep. My wife left at the beginning of the month to go to basic training, and between extra responsibilities (and missing the hell out of her) and the stress of everything else in the world, good quality sleep has been hard. The only sleep aid I’ve tried before was Natural Calm, which is a magnesium supplement that helps to de-stress before bed. Well, it turns out I’m a little too high-strung for that because I had a panic attack! Ever since then, I’ve been in need of a sleep aid but worried to try more out. Well, Som Sleep has changed that for me!

Before Som reached out to me to talk about conducting this product review, I saw some influencers in the keto community sharing the drinks with some pretty strong recommendations for the product. As a keto dieter, this is exciting, but as a jaded consumer, I know that (sometimes, not all of the time) influencers can be swayed in their opinions for money or free product. I went into this review with a fair amount of skepticism based on the rave reviews I’ve seen online. Surely, with a crowdsourced campaign like this, the company had to be providing talking points, right?

I was surprised to not receive anything of the sort in my communication with Som. In fact, their Marketing Manager, Erika, has been incredibly professional and helpful as we discussed this review. I appreciate companies like this who are really on top of their communications. Shoutout for that! Also, before we get started, I want to extend gratitude to the company for providing the product for today’s review. If you’re reading this, I want to remind you that all of the opinions expressed here are my own 100% honest responses.

I don’t want to spoil the details for you before I start, but I’ll just say this: if you work night shifts, struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep, and have never tried a sleep aid before, this is my first recommendation for you. You need to read this review.

Let’s talk about why.

Who is Som Sleep?

According to the Som Sleep website:

“We created Som Sleep to solve our own sleep problems — from trouble falling asleep to waking up during the night — and to get an extra boost to help with sleep. Unfortunately, the products on the market weren’t doing the trick for us. We wanted a clean, drug-free solution that was as easy as popping open a can, any time we needed it. So, we built it ourselves. We knew we were on to something when our friends and families (and even professional athletes!) kept asking us for more before we even launched. This proved to us that we had to get Som Sleep out there for everyone to experience.”

 Som isn’t exaggerating when they mention medical and athletic professionals requesting their support. Check out the website link above to see some of the faces of their advisory board. I love that their story page is short and sweet, but I still have an idea of their company journey. Also, LOOK AT SOME OF THESE FACES!

Som Sleep Team

I need a meeting with Emma and Laila, STAT. And shirts for my own pup! How cute! Personality from brands like this is what makes me smile. And speaking of branding, I thought their website was stylish and easy to navigate. Their blog provides a lot of helpful content on getting better sleep without the addition of sleep aids, too. Always a bonus.

My Experience With Som Sleep

If you’re unclear on the science of Som’s proprietary sleep aid blend, check out this page to learn more. All you have to do is drink one can about 30 minutes before bed to feel the effects of the drink, which last about 7-8 hours according to their FAQ.

The first time I tried Som, I expected carbonation. Maybe it’s because I drink a lot of sparkling waters, but having a flat drink in a can is unusual to me. But I liked it! The drink itself tastes like a slightly-citrus juice. It’s sweet, but not too sweet, and pretty mild overall. The FAQ states that it has a slight berry flavor, but I didn’t really get those notes. I didn’t have any lingering flavors in my mouth after drinking it.

The website states that the product will work within about 30 minutes of consuming it. Well, maybe it’s just because I’m naturally a lightweight, but I went from wide awake to horizontal in about 14 minutes. These things are the real deal! And I didn’t experience any panic attack issues as I did with Natural Calm. (Side note, in a discussion with my chiropractor, I found out that an abundance of magnesium can cause these sorts of issues… if you’re experiencing issues with this supplement, you may need to try another option like Som, which isn’t so heavy on the mag).

Each can contains just 10 calories, which is divided down to 8g of total carbs (all erythritol). It contains 40mg of magnesium, 2mg of Vitamin B6, 357mg of their proprietary blend of GABA, L-Theanine, and Melatonin, and the following “other” ingredients: water, erythritol, natural flavors, citric acid, magnesium citrate, monk fruit extract, stevia leaf extract, and pyridoxine hydrochloride (salt form of water-soluble Vitamin B). This won’t make any sort of impact on your daily macro goals unless you count total carbs. In that case, a pill supplement may be better for you, but you’ll also need to watch for filler ingredients in those.

I thought the flavor worked well both chilled and room temperature. Note, if you order it, that you’ll need to make sure to look for the light blue Zero Sugar can to try what I’ve talked about in today’s blog.

Get it on Amazon (affiliate link): https://amzn.to/2Sa5IRz

The only issue I had was staying asleep for a long period of time, but I will note that I woke up less than I usually do throughout the night. Overall, I’m pleasantly surprised. Som Sleep delivers a quality product that solves a huge issue at a justifiable price. This is definitely a “nice to have” product for most, but if you’re struggling to sleep, I recommend you give this a shot. It just might change your life.

RKF Product Score

Taste: 10/10

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this since there’s 8mg of Erythritol in each drink, but I’m really happy with the flavor. In fact, I don’t think it needs to be, or could be, improved. I tried this both cold and room temp and the flavor was on-par both times.

Availability: 8/10

These are available on their web-shop, on Amazon, and from a few online vitamin/nutrition retailers. You won’t find them in most major grocery chains, though, which could be a deal-breaker for some. Their website lists Walmart as a retailer but we don’t have one within 50mi that currently carries it. I assume I could order it to change this. It’s really convenient to buy these things when I’m already shopping for groceries. Amazon isn’t bad, but everyone can’t afford a Prime membership. Use the store locator to be the judge of this: https://getsom.com/pages/store-locator

Necessity: 4/10

Not necessary to have these on-hand when starting keto, but I’m warning you, the extra energy keto gives may make sleeping a struggle. If you can’t fall asleep or stay asleep for long periods of time, and melatonin-type things help you with that, these are a nice alternative to taking those pills.

Cost: 7/10

I actually think the cost of these, for what they do, isn’t bad. Sleep is very important. If your goal is to lose weight, sleep is more important than exercise (you’ll have to google it to learn why, there are loads of sources that discuss this). You can’t put a price on good rest. If you plan to take these regularly, subscribe and save is a great option that will put these drinks right at $2/can. Very fair in my opinion. If you purchase from Amazon, you’re looking at about $2.50/can. Links to follow.

Quality: 10/10

None of these ingredients raise red flags for me. I love that the sweeteners are natural rather than artificial.

Branding: 10/10

Clean, cute, and consistent among platforms. Nothing to improve.

NEW CATEGORY: Did it knock me out of ketosis? NO

Bottom line: 8/10 HIGHLY recommend

Want to try for yourself?

Here’s an affiliate link to this supplement on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2Sa5IRz 

Check out their web shop for more (but be sure to get the Zero Sugar option for keto!): https://getsom.com/pages/all-products 

Ready for another product review, but don’t see it listed on my blog? Drop a comment below and let me know what I should try next!

Until next time,

<3 RKF