Hello, and happy Friday, keto-ers! It’s been a rough year, and as much as I advise against emotional eating, sometimes you just need some chocolate. Whether you’re just starting keto and need to fight the urge to eat carby foods, you’ve got some major period cravings, or you just want a little something sweet, there are chocolate options for you! A lot of people are surprised to learn that keto-friendly chocolate exists, and it’s actually very tasty!

I’ve been doing keto for a little over 2.5 years now, so I’ve got some good recommendations for you in this post. But before you go out and buy keto friendly chocolate, there are a few things you should know.

All Sugar-Free Chocolates Are Not Keto Friendly Chocolates

The first thing you should know is that all sweeteners are not made the same. If you want to know what I mean, check out this article from Diet Doctor on keto sweeteners. While erythritol, monk fruit, stevia, and xylitol (careful around pets!) are good-to-go for keto, others like IMO fibers and maltitol should be treated with caution or avoided altogether.

I prefer chocolates that have a mix of erythritol, stevia, and monk fruit because I think the flavor profile comes across more naturally. And yes, I like a mixture of all kinds of chocolates. There are some really good options out there for white, dark, semi-sweet, and milk chocolate. But if you don’t already know this, keto products are notoriously higher-priced than carby ones. That’s my second FYI to you.

You’re probably thinking, fuck that, why would I pay more for something I know I’m going to want? Stay with me! After you follow a keto diet for a while, your body will become fat-adapted and you’ll have a much smaller reliance on sugars. If that sounds like Greek to you, let me spell it out in simpler terms. When you’re fat-adapted, you don’t prioritize carbs for fuel, so you crave less sugar. When you crave less sugar, you’re satisfied by a smaller amount of sweetness. Because of that, you’re not spending as much on a chocolate bar as you think you are. For example, when I started keto, I could eat a Hershey’s bar in one sitting, no problem. But with keto-friendly chocolate, now that I’m fat-adapted, I only need a couple of squares to satisfy whatever it is that I’m needing.

Keto Friendly Chocolate Favorites

I think the best way to describe chocolate is by need, so that’s what I’ll do here. Whether you’re snacking, baking, or anything in between, there’s a different chocolate for every occasion. The ones below are my favorites based on texture, sweetness, and cost. I’ve also included a couple of affiliate links if you’d like to grab some for yourself! Read more about how I use affiliate links here.

White Chocolate

White chocolate is a hard one to make keto-friendly. I’ve only seen this option from two companies, and while both are delicious, they have very different applications.

For baking: Any baking project is improved with a little ChocZero, which is hands-down the best keto friendly chocolate out there. It’s a clean option for people looking to avoid fillers and who want to cut out sugar from their diets. Also, their packaging and branding is just the cutest. ChocZero’s white chocolate baking chips are 100% the best option for your baked goods because they hold up well in the oven and their flavor is improved by the toastiness of the heat. Each bag includes a recipe for some yummy white chocolate macadamia cookies on the back. I’ve tried these too–it’s a must! Get 10% off ChocZero Baking Chips with code RESTINGKETOFACE! If they’re out of stock, check back on Friday evenings! They restock weekly. 🙂

For snacking: You can totally use those baking chips above for snacking, too, but I actually prefer Bake Believe White Chocolate baking chips for this purpose! They aren’t the best in the oven because the cocoa butter in them just melts into whatever it is that you’re making. A good option for making something like a glaze, probably, but not good if you’re using any serious amount of heat. I throw some of these into low carb tortilla wraps with some peanut butter and coconut flakes, or on top of a Two Good yogurt for a little extra something-something. Get some from Walmart at less than $4/bag!

Dark Chocolate

For baking: Bake Believe dark chocolate chips are just tops for baking. I like to mix these with milk chocolate chips in brownies. Get some from Walmart at less than $4/bag!

For snacking: ChocZero 70% Dark Chocolate squares are so decadent. Just the perfect texture for a little sweet something. I like to put these on charcuterie boards because the wrappers are super pretty and they pair well with a ton of stuff! Get 10% off ChocZero Dark Chocolate Squares with code RESTINGKETOFACE! If they’re out of stock, check back on Friday evenings! They restock weekly. 🙂

Honorable mention: The Sam’s Choice 90% Cocoa Swiss Dark Chocolate bar
This bar from walmart is super low carb and only $2! I don’t buy them often because they still contain real sugar, but this one’s definitely a contender!

Milk Chocolate

There are so many options out there for keto friendly milk chocolate and it makes me so happy. Milk chocolate is mild and sweet and super versatile for snacking, baking, bartending, and so much more. You can find it in bars, chips, and even candies!

For baking: I’ve tried every flavor of Lily’s chocolate and you seriously can’t go wrong with it. It bakes well and tastes perfect with no modifications. I like to grab a bag of their milk chocolate baking chips when I’m planning to whip up a batch of chocolate chip blondies or keto-friendly muffins. Get some from Amazon here: https://amzn.to/3cxsR9Q

For snacking: Bake Believe’s milk chocolate bar really takes the cake on this one. First, it’s huge. Each square is super satisfying. One bar is only 8 net carbs, and I think it’s got 8 squares in a whole bar. This runs on the sweeter side of things, so I usually add a little salt to the top of it. But no worries, because I only eat a couple of squares at once before I’m all done. I couldn’t find a link on the Walmart website for these, but that’s where I find them.

Semi-Sweet Chocolate

For Baking: Bake-Believe is your best bet for semi-sweet baking chips. These work well in keto-friendly mug cakes and brownies, where sometimes, the sweetener can be a little much and you don’t want the morsels to push the sweetness over the edge. Get some from Walmart at less than $4/bag!

For Snacking: Lily’s all the way. These semi sweet chips are the perfect ratio of bitter-to-sweet. I’ve actually found that, when I’m cutting down on sweeteners, these are plenty satisfying! I put this in keto-friendly trail mixes and homemade granola. Get a 3-pack on Amazon so you’re all stocked up for your snacks this winter!

Chocolate Candies

You guys already know that ChocZero is your one-stop-shop for sweet, keto-friendly goodies. While some other brands have attempted to make keto candies, none of them do it quite like CZ. I really love that their items are portioned out in individual wrappers so I’m not tempted to eat a whole bag of these in one sitting! The list below is just a few of my favorites from their website. And yes, as mentioned above, if anything is out of stock, check back on Friday evening! And if you want to save a little moolah, use code RESTINGKETOFACE for 10% off at checkout. 🙂

Final thoughts

I hope this list was helpful to you! If you have any other chocolate favorites for the keto diet that I didn’t mention here, let me know in a comment below!

Until next time,

<3 RKF