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Hey there! Welcome (and welcome back) to my blog for another keto product review! Wednesdays have become like ritual for my blog now with product reviews and I’m SO here for it. Truthfully, this is my favorite part about what I do. Pre-keto, I used to blindly shop for groceries and supplements, without giving products a second though on anything other than price. I know I probably wasn’t the only one in that boat. Anyone else? Anyway, what I’ve found in reviewing many of these products are incredible stories of companies who want to make the world a better place, one nutritionally-sound product at a time. Everly is one of those companies, and I hope after reading this review, you’ll see why I¬†highly recommend these drink mixes, with a 9/10 score!

Special thanks to Everly for sending over two different flavors for me to try out. ūüôā Let’s get started!

Who is Everly?

From their website:

“Everly started in¬†2012 with a crazy idea: what if we could make a drink mix powder that tasted like our favorite sugary drinks, but was low carb and plant-based?¬† A few months¬†later, we launched our first drink mixes on Kickstarter and exceeded our goal by 200%!¬† With amazing feedback from a group of early adopters, we’ve expanded into new flavors and several product lines.¬† We still love getting together as a team to¬†test out new ideas and recipes.

Our mission is to help you become the best version of yourself and that starts with drinking enough¬†water¬†every day.¬† It may seem like a small thing, but¬†hydration plays an incredibly important role in your energy level, appearance, and overall health.¬† Imagine being able to¬†really show up for the most important moments in your life ūüôā

At Everly, we believe that¬†hydration should be available to everyone.¬† That’s why we’re helping put an end to dehydration caused by waterborne diseases.¬† As part of our Hydration for Hydration Initiative, we’ve donated over 1.5 million packets of life-saving rehydration salts to our non-profit partner ColaLife.”

Ok, so what I gather from this is that Everly focuses solely on helping people to stay hydrated. As someone who absolutely¬†still struggles to stay hydrated throughout the day, this is a really important cause! I’ve tried a lot of different things to get more water in throughout the day; getting new cups that I like to drink out of, setting phone alarms to remind me to hydrate, carrying around a gallon jug during the day… you name it. If there’s something you can do to remember to drink water, I’ve probably done it. Truly, the only thing that¬†actually helps me drink more water is mixing it up throughout the day with water enhancers, teas, and electrolyte mixes. I’ve developed a routine, actually, where I alternate one cup of regular water with something flavored. Everly powders are exactly the sort of thing that helps my routine. And y’all know I¬†love a company who supports a cause. This is actually the first time I’ve heard of ColaLife, and I’m glad to hear that Everly supports it.

Products Reviewed

Everly sent over two flavors for me to try, the Peach Mango version of the Hydration (electrolyte-centric) mix and the Pomegranate Berry flavory of the Energy (caffeinated) mix. Below are my thoughts on each of these products. In general, I thought the products dissolved pretty well after a couple of minutes and didn’t leave any residue behind at the bottom of the glass. They definitely dissolved quicker in carbonated waters like Bubly and La Croix. I think the packaging is genius because it’s easy to measure and mix just a little or a whole bunch. As the friend who bartends at parties, I¬†love that this doesn’t involve 10,000 little tiny single serve packs. The 1/4-1 tsp measurement is really easy to eyeball and add to whatever I’m making.

Typically I bring drink mixes like this along on road trips, and I end up with a super messy bag of keto foods. Having a single pack of these water enhancers is a really easy way to cut down on storage space when packing for a trip. I’ve already planned on packing a couple of these on our next cruise! I don’t buy the drink packages there because I’m too much of a lightweight now (thanks, keto), and cruises are notorious for not having low sugar drink options.¬†These would be perfect to flavor the water on the ship.

Let me also note that Energy and Hydration aren’t the only two product lines from Everly. They also have a Belly Health Drink Mix, which is packed full of probiotics at a low carb count.

Everly KETO Review

Everly Mango Peach Hydration Nutrition

Peach Mango Hydration

Per serving: 0 cal, 1g net carb, 78mg Potassium, 2% DV Magnesium, 16mg Calcium

Thoughts: This one was SO FREAKING GOOD. The mango flavor is stronger than the peach, in my opinion. It pairs really well with citrus juices, which makes it a wonderfully fruity option for bartending. This would be a great base for a pitcher of fruity lemonade for a crowd. I truly don’t think anyone would know this is sugar free. The ingredients are squeaky clean and the color comes from natural ingredients. While I prefer the flavor of this one, though, it’s super obvious to me that the energy mix has more to offer as far as nutrients go. I’d probably pick another brand of electrolytes over this one if I was solely looking for substantial magnesium/potassium counts in a single glass. But if you plan to sip on this all day, you’ll be able to rack up some electrolytes with the help of this stuff. Oh, and I’m sure it goes without saying, but this is¬†so much better for you than Crystal Lite.

Oh, and I made a quick little recipe for you guys using this flavor! Check it out here: 1 Net Carb Mango Peach Mocktail

Get it here: https://drinkeverly.com/products/hydration-electrolytes

Everly Pomegranate Berry Energy

Everly Pomegranate Berry Energy

Pomegranate Berry Energy

Per serving: 120 mg caffeine, 5 cal, 1g net carb, 118mg potassium, 200% DV Vitamin C, 2% DV Magnesium, 1500% DV Vitamin B12, 100% DV Vitamin B6

Thoughts: This one was really good,¬†however, it does have a “vitamin” aftertaste. I don’t think this is due to the actual flavoring or sweetener, but rather, it’s probably an effect of whatever has been added as a caffeine source. And caffeine is absolutely a huge benefit of this flavor. One serving delivers a whopping¬†120mg¬†of caffeine, which is like a cup and a half of coffee. If you’re on a trip where you won’t have access to a coffee maker, these are a perfect substitute. Oh, and side note, these came at the perfect time. I don’t purchase BANG products anymore for political reasons, and these give the perfect jolt of energy without too much sweetener OR making me jittery. I’m very interested in trying grape and fruit punch next!

Get it here: https://drinkeverly.com/products/energy-caffeine-electrolytes

Some Bonus Things You Should Know About

Blog: https://drinkeverly.com/blogs/everly

Recipes: https://drinkeverly.com/blogs/recipes

Keto blog: https://drinkeverly.com/blogs/keto-diet

Refund policy: https://drinkeverly.com/pages/shipping-return-policy

FAQ: https://drinkeverly.com/pages/faq

RKF Product Score

Taste: 8/10
These are really, really good! I love the peach mango one a lot, it’s probably my favorite of the two I tried. I had to use more than the suggested serving size to feel like it was adequately flavored, though, which can drive up the cost pretty quickly. The pomegranate berry one had a slight vitamin aftertaste, but that may be due to whatever is caffeinating it. Taking off one point for each of these things. Again though, these are the only two flavors I’ve tried, so the others may vary in taste.

Availability: 7/10
You can find these on their web shop and on Amazon, but I couldn’t find any evidence of their placement in any big box retailers or health/nutrition stores.

Necessity: 9/10
It is my opinion that you absolutely need an electrolyte powder on keto. There are other powders out there that offer better stats on magnesium, potassium, and sodium; however, this is one of the better options available.

Cost: 9/10
Not bad, but could be a little better. Their products are cheaper on their web shop and absolutely cheaper when you buy in bulk.

Quality: 10/10
Great, clean ingredients. Super happy with this one.

Branding: 10/10
I can tell the company has gone through a few different packaging/branding designs. I really, really love the most recent design and I think their website/social media are super clean + attractive + easy to navigate.

Bottom line: 9/10 HIGHLY Recommend

Ready to try for yourself?

Here’s a link to my Amazon shop, where you can find these in the RKF Recommended Items section: www.amazon.com/shop/restingketoface

Here’s an affiliate link to their web shop, where you’ll get discounts for subscribe + save and and free shipping on orders over $30:¬†SHOP NOW

I really hope you like these! Ready for another product review, but don’t see it listed on my blog? Drop a comment below and let me know what I should try next!

Until next time,

<3 RKF