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Welcome back to my blog for another keto product review! I took a week hiatus in writing a review because I wanted to give this specific one the time and attention it deserved. A bright, beautiful orange box arrived on my doorstep in February and inside I found some of the most delicious plant based keto friendly snacks. My new friends at DANG foods sent 2 varieties of coconut chips and 2 varieties of keto bars for me to try. I filmed a review with my complete thoughts on the taste of these items, but keep reading for individual section scores and my comments on their branding.

Who is DANG Foods?

From their website:

As brothers living between NYC & Bangkok, we grew up eating differently. We created Dang—???, named after our Mom—to share uniquely Asian-American snacks with the flavors and ingredients we love, including our famous original Coconut Chips, our Thai street snack-inspired Thai Rice Chips, and our Keto Friendly Bars.

Our coconuts are sourced from family farms in Thailand. As a Certified B Corp, Dang meets rigorous standards of environmental performance and public transparency, and all of our farms follow ethical business practices.

Y’all, how did I not realize they were a B Corp company until writing this review, AFTER trying the products?! This needs to be labeled SO much more clearly on their socials and products. B Corp companies are my absolute favorite ones to work with.

Keto Products from DANG Foods

Not all products offered by DANG Foods are keto-friendly, but a lot of them are. They have the specific keto products clearly labeled and in a special section online. Check their website for a full list of products. So that I’m specifically referring to what was sent for a review here, I’ll only reference those products below.


  • Original Coconut Chips: Really incredibly delicious. The crunch is like a potato chip, sort of. The only ingredients are salt and coconut, and as simple as it is, these are addicting. Great for baking or on their own.
  • Mango Coconut Chips: Also really delicious. Not entirely sure how there’s mango juice in this and no extra carbs compared to the Original flavor, but I’ll take it. Great on yogurt. Uses stevia and monk fruit as sweeteners.
  • Peanut Butter Bar: Reminiscent of (non-keto) nutter butter bars, which were my absolute favorite as a kid. Subtly sweet and a little salty, so big thumbs up from me. These take a long time to chew, which is helpful so you don’t eat it all in 4 bites. I really like the crunchiness of the puffs that are used in these, also. It’s hard to find plant-based bars that are delicious, and DANG knocked it out of the park with these.
  • Chocolate Sea Salt Bar: Also really, really good. I can’t say enough good things about these bars. The chocolate flavor profile reminds me of ho-hos.

My only follow-up comment on these flavors is that I want to see something savory. Can we get sriracha and/or soy sauce flavor coconut chips? Can we get sesame coconut chips? There are so many “sweet” keto snacks out there, so there’s some market opportunity to explore savory coconut snacks.

RKF Product Score

Taste: 10/10
The ingredients can’t get any better. The flavors can’t get any better. I really love these and I can tell a lot of thought was put into making sure each flavor was perfect. I also love that they were each subtly-sweet.

Availability: 7/10
These are available from most places, but not all flavors are available nearby. They could greatly benefit from being placed in convenience stores. I’d much prefer to buy a DANG bar when on a road trip than a Quest bar, because these will keep me full for longer.

Necessity: 5/10
Do you need coconut chips for keto? No. Do you need plant-based bars for keto? Still no. But I’m a firm believer that you need easy on-the-go sweet snacks on keto because you never know when you’ll feel left out at a function (e.g. a wedding) and will want something to satisfy your sweet tooth so you stay on track.

Cost: 7/10
The coconut chips cost is perfect. I’m not sure this could be better. The bars are still a little pricey, averaging a little under $3/bar in our area. If these were closer to the $2/bar price point, I would have given a higher rating.

Quality: 10/10

These are incredible. They use high-quality ingredients, which is very evident in the original coconut chips. They have coconut and salt in them, and they couldn’t be made any tastier if they tried.

Branding: 9/10

Beautiful packaging – only docked a point because I thought this was a Nike box on the porch and wouldn’t have guessed it was a food product at first. I love, love, love the purple symbols on the inside and collateral materials in the box. I also really appreciate that they sent this in recyclable packaging. The actual logo marks are very recognizable and the branding across products is very good. The website loaded a bit slow for me so there’s room for improvement there.

Bottom line: 8/10 Recommend

How to Get DANG Keto Products

You can find DANG products at walmart.com, thrive market, Publix, Lucky Vitamin, and Amazon, to name a few places. Here’s a link to my favorite item from this review:


Let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these products and if you liked them!

Until next time,

<3 RKF