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Hey everyone, and welcome back to my blog for another keto review! Today’s review is for 310 Nutrition, which is a company who reached out to me via email for a collaboration. They were so sweet to send over a bag of chocolate protein, a few of their individually-packaged shakes, some lemonade and greens mixes, and a blender bottle! So first and foremost, I just want to express my gratitude to 310 Nutrition for sending everything over. Since there’s a variety of product types here, this review may be a little longer than usual. Just stick with me through it! The scores at the end will make much more sense if you have the context from the body of my review.

If you’re new here, welcome!!! Thank you for visiting and I hope you decide to take a look at some of my other reviews and recipes before you leave. I promise these tips will help you make the best choice when deciding what to try from their shop. If you ever have a question, comment at the very bottom OR send me a DM on Instagram @restingketoface. I’m very responsive to my messages in both places.

So without any more delay, let’s get this thing started.

Who is 310 Nutrition?

From their website:

“Our passion is helping our customers improve their lives by providing proven solutions that fit their lifestyle. We want to help them develop the habits of eating clean, staying active and with the support of an engaged community, and start the journey to healthy living. We are driven by thousands of stories that our customers tell us of regaining their confidence and living their best life possible from using our products and benefiting from our massive family-like community of support.

Ok, so y’all know I’m (obviously) all about keto. But I know that everyone isn’t looking to maintain a keto diet. Some people are sticking to vegan, mediterranean, and even low salt diets. Whatever plan it is that you’re following, 310 is here to help you along the way. I appreciate that they offer support for many healthy ways of eating, is what I’m trying to say. Not a lot of companies are like that. For some, it’s their way or the highway. 310 is very accomodating in that way. That being said, though, they have tons of keto resources to offer.

Also, community is hugely important to success on any meal plan, so I think it’s great they provide that, too.

Products Reviewed

310 Nutrition sent over a few different products to try:

  • Chocolate Protein Shake
  • Vanilla Protein Shake
  • Lemonades
  • Greens Powder

Thoughts: All right, so before we get started, I’m admittedly not a fan of plant-based protein sources. This is because many of them are chalky and/or do not dissolve well. So going into this, my usual “average” expectations were a little slanted by that prior experience.

I tried the lemonade mixes first, and I loved every single one of them. The point of these mixes is to help you drink more water throughout the day, and to provide a sweet treat to help hold you over when you just want to eat the whole pantry. Trust me, I’ve been in that position, and this kind of stuff is a life saver. That’s why I started drinking hot teas, and that’s why the entire Mio/Crystal Lite industry exists. These lemonades have much better ingredients than what you’re going to find at the grocery store, though. I really enjoyed these on their own (in ice water) AND in sparkling water.

Next, I tried the greens powder. The flavor is mixed berry, and it doesn’t have any sugar in it. It’s 1 net carb, which is amazing compared to anything else I’ve seen on the market. There’s a blend of practically every fruit/vegetable powder you can imagine in it, and it packs a hell of a B12 punch. There are only 10 calories in it, also! All around, this is a pretty good supplement for immune support/general wellness. I would not substitute it for my usual electrolyte powder recommendations (Ultima and Key Nutrients) because it just doesn’t stand up in the Magnesium/Potassium/Sodium department. As far as flavor goes, it’s a little… lacking? My frend described it best when she told me it sort of tastes like when you chew gum; Fruit Stripe gum, specifically. I don’t really get a mixed berry flavor, and in general, it’s “healthy” tasting. I added a little bit of another water enhancer (sweetener) to it, and I enjoyed the flavor a lot more. I think it’s best suited for a smoothie add-in.

And for the main event, the protein powders! Instructions tell us to mix a serving of the shake (90 cal) with water or almond milk. There are two things I kind of have a problem with here. The first, is that plant-based protein just doesn’t get to a creamy consistency in either of these liquids, because there is no fat source to absorb them. While you can try them this way, I don’t think they’re going to gve you the result you’re hoping for. And second, 90-120 calories just is not a meal replacement. A supplement, yes, and a dang good post-workout addition. But by no means is this an entire meal. They will satiate you, yes, but in my eyes, meals are at least 500 calories and are protein AND fat dense. I would drink these in addition to my regularly scheduled meal preps on days where I plan to do any sort of cardio or weight training.

I was able to add in some fat sources that helped the texture loads. For the vanilla shake, I added about 2 tbsp of peanut butter and a handful of frozen berries. Not only was the shake delicious with these additions, it was much creamier, too! This also kept the shake plant-based and only added a couple of carbs in the mix. For the chocolate one, I added a little heavy cream on one occasion and almond butter and coconut on other occasions. Once again, just a couple tablespoons of each fat source greatly improved the texture of these. As far as flavor goes, they’re both pretty good! But I definitely prefer the chocolate.

Another great use for protein powders, aside from shakes, is in sweet treats. It’s an easy way to substitute flours, add a binder, and keep it sugar free. I had some time this weekend to make a little no-bake dessert for you guys using these protein powders, and here’s the recipe from my kitchen to yours! KETO Whipped Protein Chocolate Pies

While you can use many different protein blends in this, I highly recommend using 310 Nutrition Chocolate protein powder, because it complements the crust of these pies so well. Each serving is a little over 400 calories and 4g net carbs, so it’ll keep you full, give you a little post-workout protein, and keep you in ketosis. I’m working to develop some more recipes, but in the meantime, I highly recommend that you play around with this one.

Some Bonus Things You Should Know About

310 Nutrition is very protective over their product quality. In searching through their website, I came across a page which lists their authorized and unauthorized retailers. In simpler terms, this means that they’re telling you who sells their product at the quality they stand by, and who is selling their product in a way they can’t confirm its’ quality. These sellers may be reselling product for a profit. It looks like all of these unauthorized sellers come from eBay.

Oh, and do you need some recipes? They have hella recipes.

While I don’t personally support the use of detox teas (primarily because most of the “diet industry” promotes it in toxic ways), there are legitimate uses for it. I don’t think that drinking these sort of drinks cleanse “toxins” from your body (this always felt like quackery to me and I’ve tried other DT before). They help you poop. Keto can sometimes cause a slow down in the digestive tract, and if you need help working that out, then a detox tea may help you. 310 Nutrition offers a few flavors of Detox Teas.

There’s something on their website called the 310 Learning Center, which is an archive of all of their best shake recipes, keto guides, workout inspirations, keto calculators… there are so many resources here that you’re bound to learn something new before leaving. Some other websites offer these sorts of resources (re: Diet Doctor, RuledMe) and they’re super helpful for beginners looking to get started. AND, if you’re looking for some extra help getting started, there’s a 310 Nutrition Community group on Facebook.

Some other cool products from 310 Nutrition:

RKF Product Score

Taste: 7/10
The flavor of the protein is pretty good, but I think they’re chalky without a fat source mixed in. These are better for baking than drinking IMO. The lemonades were incredible. The greens powder on its own is lacking some flavor.

Availability: 7/10
You can find these on their web shop and on Amazon, but I couldn’t find any evidence of their placement in any big box retailers or health/nutrition stores.

Necessity: 6/10
You don’t need protein powder to start keto, but I highly recommend keeping some stocked in your pantry for sweet treats and post-workout.

Cost: 7/10
Not bad, but could be a little better.

Quality: 10/10
Really great ingredients in all products across the board.

Branding: 10/10
I love the packaging, I love their website (REALLY easy to navigate), and I love their promotional content.

Bottom line: 8/10 Recommend

Ready to try for yourself?

Here’s a link to my Amazon shop, where you can find these in the RKF Recommended Items section: www.amazon.com/shop/restingketoface

I really hope you like these! Ready for another product review, but don’t see it listed on my blog? Drop a comment below and let me know what I should try next!

Until next time,

<3 RKF