What is keto?

Picture this: You’re a smart, driven person and you have always wanted to lose those extra few pounds. Or, you’ve been dealing with some digestive issues with your normal Way of Eating (WOE) and are experimenting with new WOEs to make it better. Or maybe you really want to remove sugar from your diet for loads of health reasons.

But… where do you even start?  


With keto, of course! Keto is a low carb, targeted WOE that helps to improve mental clarity, reduce inflammation, revive energy, shed fat stores, and so much more! Learning about Keto, though… that’s not easy. Not because it’s some other language that is totally foreign to us. Often, we all have the basic skillset to eat the meats and veggies involved. The hard part about Keto is that we have to totally flip what we know about dieting on its head.

How To Start Keto ASAP

Have you ever wanted to get started with a new meal program, but just didn’t know WHERE to start? There is a vast amount of information out on the web. It will take you a lifetime to get through a fraction of it. To save you some time, I’ve created an eBook for you based on all of the knowledge I’ve accumulated so far in this Way of Eating (WOE).

Basic Bitch Keto (BBK) is an 11 page eBook that’s full of the information that helped me to get started on this major life changing WOE.

AKA my personal arsenal of keto truths.

This is the book that I return to when I need to get back to the basics. This is the information I provide to others when they ask me how I got started.

BBK is full of helpful information presented in a no-bullshit format. I get bored pretty easily when I read academic journals or online blogs or even comment threads. BBK is full of helpful advice that is broken down into bite-size chunks of wisdom for those of us (ahem, millennials) with a short fuse for wordy crap.

I hope you feel like I’m speaking directly to you when you read this guide. After you read it, reach out to me! Let me know what you liked and what information you feel is lacking. I’m always looking to help my community, so your advice means improvements that will help others, too.

Keto helped me correct my…


Digestion issues

Low energy

Brain fog

Everlasting hunger (even after eating)

Stubborn extra weight (40 whole pounds GONE!)

Poor body image

Things I did not have to do on keto:

Feel hungry

Avoid eating out


Track my food intake every day

Spend a lot of money

Meal prep every day

Eat every 3 hours

And all of these things were improved for me because I changed what I was putting in my body. I focused on eating things with better ingredients. I learned how to read nutrition labels to pick the best foods for consumption. 

I’ve learned a TON of information since starting Keto from scouring online forums, journal articles, informational videos, and personal experience. I also get a lot of questions for how I was able to get to my current level of success. So one day, I thought, why not create an Ebook for others to learn, too?

I’ve already told you how Keto has changed my life. You’ve probably seen some of my advanced tips on the blog or on social media. If you want to totally change your life, too, then you need to understand the basics so you can get started.

Inside BBK: 

  • The foundation of all Keto knowledge
  • Becoming a pro at tracking macros and net carbs
  • All about the Keto Flu (is it real or fake?)
  • My favorite external resources
  • Starter shopping list
  • Advice for staying on track
  • BONUS: Sample recipes

As you can see, there is a wealth of information in this guide. If you’re ready to change your life, give Keto a try. After all, how are you going to know if it works if you haven’t given it a shot?

Before you read...

Please note: I am not a doctor, dietician, or all-powerful life coach. I am an average person, just like you, who has stumbled upon something wonderful. Always remember to consult your healthcare providers when implementing a diet change to see if the change is right for you.

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