If you plan to #keepitketo throughout this holiday season, you need to have a plan!

Going to weddings/family events where you’re unsure of your options (and you don’t want to/can’t ask about the food ahead of time) means that you should have a snack prepared JUST IN CASE. If I don’t have something handy in these situations, my brain immediately jumps to, “well, just one plate of those carby things won’t hurt…”

NO. ðŸ™…

Plan ahead and pack a snack just in case! Avoid the pain-in-the-ass that is being knocked out of ketosis altogether.

@powercrunch bars (the vanilla kind) are my absolute favorite. They don’t sit too heavy on your stomach, they satisfy a sweet tooth, and they have a fair amount of protein to hold you over during a meal. They clock in at about 10 net carbs.

These Elevation bars aren’t half bad either, but they’re no comparison to PC bars. (Elevation crunch bars are sweetened with maltitol but they have less net carbs [8ish?], so the risk is yours to take)

My other favorite snacks in this situation are…
💡Mixed nuts
💡Flavored almonds
💡Quest bars
💡Quest cookies
💡Paninos (but don’t leave them in the heat)
💡P3 packs

What do you bring with you for an emergency snack?