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Hello after a LONGGGG hiatus, everyone! I know, I know… I really should have said something while I took some time away from this blog. To be honest, I was experiencing a bit of burnout. I work a full-time job and I’m in school to get my Master of Communications degree and at the same time, I became responsible for all of our household finances, pets, and property. I was just overwhelmed. Anyways, I think it’s time to come back to home base (AKA this blog) because we’re rounding the corner into the new year and I KNOW many of you will be looking to start (and stay) keto through 2021. So let’s end the year strong and position ourselves for a GREAT holiday season!

The 2020 Keto Christmas Gift Guide

Keto gifts can be hard to find because a) many companies are predatory and will sell you trash food for nothing more than a quick profit, and b) some items are so expensive that you may be hesitant to spend your money on just anything. I’m here to help you sort through the bullshit and only find the top-tier keto items on the market for your special someone. As with my product reviews, I am not paid to place any of these items on my website. Most of the items on this list have a product review post associated with them, so you can read my complete thoughts and check for discounts before purchasing. And if you have any questions, as always, drop a comment below and I’m happy to help.

Without further adieu, let’s get into this gift guide!

Keto Chocolates

One of the most versatile holiday gifts you can give is chocolate! I’ve been working with ChocZero for much of the year to share their delicious sweets because I believe in what they’re doing. Their ingredients are good and their team is the sweetest. If you have issues with shipping or any of the candy itself, they’re very easy to work with. And TBH they have their packaging/branding down to a T. I seriously can’t say enough good stuff about this company. They’re the Rolls-Royce of keto chocolates.

For all of the ChocZero items below, use code RESTINGKETOFACE at checkout for a 10% discount

1. Keto Advent Calendar

If advent calendars are a tradition in your household, you’ll be happy to know that ChocZero has you covered this year. They shipped one of these to me recently to test out and I am in love! I’ve always wanted to participate in this tradition because I am a huge fan of mystery box type packages and having something to look forward every day leading up to the holiday is really exciting.

Get it in milk chocolate

Get it in dark chocolate

2. Keto Peppermint Bark

Andes Mint lovers will rejoice with this one. Keto bark is probably my favorite item that ChocZero has because it’s just like having a real candy bar (something keto dieters don’t really get without loads of protein in it). The peppermint paired with the dark chocolate is perfectly-sweetened and doesn’t have any sort of aftertaste or cooling effect from the sugar alternatives in it. Throw a bag of these in a stocking for that sweet chocolate fix.

Get it in dark chocolate

3. Chocolate Chip Variety Pack

For the keto baker in your life, chocolate chips are a pantry staple. Frankly, you can never go wrong with having them on hand. When I run out of chocolate bars, I throw a couple of these into a keto yogurt and it really hits the sweet spot. Grab a trio of keto chocolate chips from ChocZero and pair them with a cute baking tray and you’ve got a complete gift for your sweetie.

Get the trio

Cooking Appliances

1. Mueller Electric Teapot

There are many electric teapots on the market, but this glass one has taken residence in my home for two years now and I still love it just as much as the day I got it. It heats water fast and has an auto-shutoff function when it boils. The pot itself is large. I love that I can see how quickly the water is boiling so I can make my cups of tea just right. I use this to boil water for recipes, too, which makes it as versatile as it is sleek. And yes, the pot lights up blue when it’s on.

Get it on Amazon

2. Ninja Blender System

I’ve had many shitty blenders in my day and the Ninja blender is not one of them. I love that the blades go all the way up on a spindle and I can take them out without disassembling the pitcher.

Get it on Amazon

3. Trustworthy Cast Iron Pan

Listen, I might get some hate for this… but hear me out. Don’t spend a ton of money on a cast iron pan. While some brands (like Le Creuset) are really nice additions to your kitchen, they’re not my recommendation for a first-timer. If you’ve never used cast iron before, grab a Lodge or Utopia brand pan from Amazon and use it to learn proper seasoning/searing techniques. I promise, once you learn to use these pans, then you’ll be ready for something a little more… luxurious. I use this pan almost every day and it’s still my favorite one to cook with out of the entire cabinet.

Get it on Amazon


If you love getting keto tips from this blog, then you probably also love other stuff that leaves no room for bullshit. I really loathe apparel that’s cringey, corny, and just… well, ugly. A lot of keto-related apparel online falls into one of those categories. In order to change the status quo, I’ve created a shirt label named Low Carb High Sass. You can check out my entire shop here or my holiday recommendations below. Any purchases help me to fund the domain/hosting/theme maintenance of this website.

Follow me on Instagram to get updates when new designs are launched! LowCarb.HighSass on Instagram

1. Ugly Keto Sweater

2. Net Carb Enthusiast Tee

3. Carbs are Cancelled Tee

For the Coffee Bar

1. Skinny Mixes Holiday Collection

No coffee bar is complete without yummy flavored syrups. I love this pack because the peppermint is perfect for the holiday season and the other flavors transition well through the new year and into Valentine’s day.

Get it on their website

2. ChocZero Flavored Syrups

Just like their signature chocolate bars, ChocZero makes delicious flavored syrups that work well in coffee, on pancakes/waffles, and even as a candied nut flavoring. Shop their syrup section to find a flavor perfect for your or your special someone. Don’t forget to use code RESTINGKETOFACE to save 10%!

Shop the Syrups

3. Milk Frother

I don’t actually own one of these, but I make sure to use the one at my sister in law’s house when we visit 🙂 There’s something that’s just perfect about a foamy, creamy coffee. Almond milk will really give your latte some volume with this one. I really like that I can set it and forget it while I’m brewing my favorite beans.

Savory Stuff

Chomps Keto Review

1. Chomps Variety Pack

Chomps meat sticks are clean, tasty, and super portable for wherever you’re planning to be. I keep a couple of these in my desk at work and in my gym back for whenever I need a healthy, delicious snack. They’re substantial in protein, too! When the world looks a little more normal, (re: coronavirus) I plan to put some of these in my carry-on for the airport. Cheers to saving $$$ on snacks! I recommend the variety pack before you purchase a whole box.

Get it on Amazon

2. Yellowbird Hot Sauce Sampler

Hot sauce sampler packs are fairly common gifts around the holidays. I imagine this is because a lot of “healthy” eaters probably don’t want to receive a ton of candy in their stockings. Whatever the reason, it’s a solid gift idea because gourmet hot sauce isn’t something everybody typically buys for themselves. I sampled this trio earlier this year and every single one of them slaps. My favorite is the serrano – you’ll have to order a set for yourself, too. Let me know your favorite!

Get it on Amazon


3. Stryve Biltong Variety Pack

If you like FLAVOR… if you like PROTEIN… if you like SUPPORTING BUSINESS WHO ARE DOING GOOD THINGS… then you need to give Stryve biltong a try. I tried it for the first time this year and it’s just far superior to jerky. It’s tender and absolutely jam packed with protein. The spicy peri peri flavor is my favorite but their other flavors are great, too! Here’s a link to their sampler pack. Wrap these up in a mini gym duffel and you’ve got a great gift for your fav gym rat.

Get the variety pack

Charcuterie Accessories

1. Olive Wood Serving Board

Sturdy and absolutely stunning under a spread of gourmet meats and cheeses. These are absolutely flying off the shelves at Trader Joe’s this year. Save some time and just pick one up from Amazon.

Get it on Amazon

2. Cheese Knife Set

A charcuterie isn’t complete without cheese knives! These cut the prep time down significantly so your guests can slice their choices off at their own will. I think the stainless kind are timeless and they definitely require less maintenance than wood-handled sets, which will need oiling.

Get it on Amazon

3. Mini Serving Bowls

Good board setups include dips, spreads, and nuts. These additions should go in little containers so they don’t get everywhere. I think that adding bowls gives charcuterie boards visual interest and depth. Use pretty ones like these from Amazon for all of your yummy additions.

Get it on Amazon

Preparing for a holiday gathering? Pick up the items above and check out my YouTube video for tips on building your own charcuterie board!

For Those Keto Gains

1. Devotion Nutrition Kit

Angel Food Cake Base:

Brownie Batter Base:

Flex Flavors Rainbow Pack:

2. Ultima Electrolytes

Ultima is the gold standard of keto electrolytes. I’ve tried more than a few brands and these still taste the best for the price you pay. They may take a few minutes to dissolve but they don’t leave any chalky residue at the bottom of your cup and they’ll leave you feeling like a million bucks. I take a double scoop on the days I lift. I’m sharing the link to the sampler pack because you’re going to like them all.

Get it on Amazon

3. Twin Peaks Protein Puffs

Working out consistently doesn’t make you immune to convenience-food-cravings. I really like cheese balls and thankfully, Twin Peaks sells some protein puffs that are pretty similar. I thought I would plow through this in a day, but it surprisingly lasted a long time! Jalepeno cheddar is where it’s at.

Get it on Amazon

Honorable Mentions

Keto Bars

So, so, so delicious. These taste like an anti-protein bar in the best way. I love keto bars because they’re sweet and actually good for you. They’re not a meal-replacement; they’re definitely candy. But when I’m craving a chocolate covered strawberry, you best believe I’m reaching for one of their bars.

Get the sampler pack and try for yourself! Perfect for a stocking stuffer, too.

Swerve Cake Mix

While these are great on their own, they also make excellent bases for more extravagant cake flavors. Pair the set with mixing bowls and a whisk and your keto friend will absolutely love this gift.

Get it on Amazon

The Granola Bakery Cinnamon Pecan Granola

Top-tier granola right here, even when comparing to non-keto brands. I shared this with some friends and they couldn’t tell the difference. It works excellent as a cereal but also as a topping for yogurt and ice cream. Get a bag for yourself, too. These are very fairly priced.

Get it on Amazon

Wrapping it up

I hope this year’s guide was helpful to you! I tried to include a little something for everybody… but if you didn’t find something great here, let me know and I’ll send you other ideas! As always, you can reach me on Instagram via DM @restingketoface. I hope you have a safe, happy, healthy holiday season. Take care of yourselves.

Until next time,