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I started making tees because I…

  • love low carb/keto as a lifestyle
  • totally believe this way of eating is sustainable + fulfilling
  • wanted cute shirts that reflect those things

I also think #bodypositivity is incredibly important and whatever you wear should have PERSONALITY! Keto isn’t innately a weight loss diet; it is a healthy + sustainable way of eating that has absolutely changed my life.

I see a lot of keto shirts out there that are…

  • too trendy
  • too cringey
  • uncomfortable/poor quality
  • just look like they were main in MS Paint

… and I think that we deserve better.

I hope you like the tees in this shop and if you want to rep some super sassy keto merch, you’re in the right place.

Each shirt comes in a few different colors and they’re all printed on Comfort Colors tees. Sizes are available in S-3x. Only the best for you guys! I only sell things I’d buy myself.

If you’re interested in buying one, visit my shop!

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